Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


If tea parties aren't racist, who is?

Re July 15 editorial, defending the tea partiers against racism charges. I am left with only one question. If it isn't racism, what is it?

Why do so many tea partiers carry signs comparing Obama to Hitler or the devil, and why do tea party leaders defend signs like the one in Iowa equating Obama with Hitler and Stalin?

You make the argument that it's acceptable to compare Obama to Hitler because some Americans compared Bush to Hitler. That is nonsense.

Bush ordered an invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation (Iraq) which represented no threat to the United States. More than 100,000 people died as a result of Bush's order. Wasn't that just slightly similar to Hitler's illegal order to invade and occupy Poland?

We know these tea partiers are not actually protesting the deficit because they said absolutely nothing while Bush policies were adding trillions of dollars to the deficit. And surely these people are not protesting Obama's attempts to help jobless Americans or provide health care for all Americans.

So, I ask you again, if it isn't racism, what is it?

John McNerney

Pawleys Island

Golf column

McPherson handled writing well

Re Kristy McPherson article on July 13.

Although Kristy McPherson is a professional golfer and not a journalist, I read, with delight, her article that her family is foremost in her life than her golfing career. She sort of apologized for her writing skills.

On the contrary, I thought it was very well written and offered, in a bit of Mark Twain fashion, her homespun approach to current events in her life. I am a retired production editor for a national magazine. I was involved with editing news articles before going to press. Most of these articles were tightly written and could be somewhat profound. On the other hand, Kristy writes her articles from the heart with simplicity and is a pleasant addition to The Sun News' sports page.

Don Gatling


campaign funds

Why is chamber dealing with donors?

Regardless of the outcome of the present rumblings of an investigation of the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce by federal agencies concerning campaign contributions delivered by the chamber to certain political candidates and regardless of any ethical "clearance" of the chamber by certain state "authorities," simple, yet poignant, questions come to mind: Why is the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce receiving and distributing campaign contributions in the first place and why is the chamber acting as "bagmen" for the contributors? How is this activity in any way a part of the scope of the chamber's mission?

Gary Cernak

Garden City Beach

beach rules

Proposed tent rules make no sense

Re proposed North Myrtle Beach tent regulations:

Is this an attempt to rent more umbrellas and beach chairs? Rows and rows of city-owned umbrellas and chairs are more of a blockade to seeing the beach than the staggered canopies.

We don't need to limit ourselves because of a minor nuisance for the two to three weeks of the year that there are an abundance of visitors. From April to the Fourth of July, there aren't many of these and there aren't many lifeguards, either. After the Fourth of July holiday weeks, the number drops dramatically and does not pose any problem.

What are we going to do if the chamber gets all those extra tourists and residents to come and go to the beach? Won't the beach itself have no room for anyone? Can't make any more beach front. Guess we'll have to ban the use of the beach blankets and chairs, too!

The enforcement of this would also create a nightmare! All the tourists traveling would have to be notified not to bring their tents.

I suggest we realize we are a beach resort community and enjoy the fact that we do get the visitors to bring their vacations to us without adding undue restrictions that hurt more than they help.

Terry Fletcher

North Myrtle Beach