Letters to the Editor

Obama keeps making bad choices

Every evening before retiring, I review the daily events of the day. Sometimes an event occurs where I think to myself, "This is unbelievable - how in the world can this happen?"

July 8 was one of those days. President Obama has destroyed one of our nation's long-time institutions - NASA. His decision is horrible and destructive. However, to be honest, I'm not surprised. Although one feels an initial shock and feeling of disgust, what else do we expect from this administration?

What is the reason for his unwise decision? He wants to reach out to the Muslim world. Why is it that, under this president, every department and bureaucracy must make accommodations with the Muslim world? No department within our federal government should be engaged in helping another country's citizens with low self-esteem to "feel good." The United States should not be the world's social worker.

Obama has a distorted view of governmental and presidential power. Historically, how many international societal problems did past American presidents solve? Obama believes he can solve this country's problems in addition to those of his favorite countries. He thinks he can whisper into Mother Nature's ear so she will halt global warming and stop the rise of oceans. His legislative programs will painlessly transform America to a green energy future, prevent the cycle of boom and bust in the world's economy, provide government-run health care that will spend less than before, and solve the problem of excessive public debt by building up more public debt.

Well, the logical question arises as to where the NASA budgeted dollars are going to go after the space program is eliminated. How much will it cost to help Muslim nations to "feel good" about themselves? Would NASA engineers hold science fairs in Tripoli or Tehran? If Muslim nations want their young people to become skilled in the hard sciences, why don't they tap some of their petro-dollars to hire some of our unemployed teachers? These teachers sure could use the employment. Perhaps this country could sell a complete space program to various petroleum-wealthy nations.

Another question to ask is why not start the same feel-good programs in this country? The answer to that question is that these programs don't work. There is zero-correlation between drilled self-esteem improvement and academic performance. If touchy-feely programs don't work in this country, why would the same program work in a country with less personal freedom?

Why don't we revive this country's space program? I'm sure many unemployed space engineers would gladly rejoin the employee ranks. Sensitivity about the feelings of individuals cannot determine a foreign policy. Obama has absolutely no control over the way Muslims feel about themselves, but he does have every power over the way they perceive us. Doing away with NASA's space exploration program is another step our nation is taking to join the ranks of second- and third-rate countries. I am fearful what new horror Obama and his merry band of liberals are going to throw at us.

"There is nothing which destroys itself so much as liberality, for by using it you lose the power of using it, and becomes either poor and despicable, or, to escape poverty, rapacious and hated." - Niccolo Machiavelli, "The Prince," 1537

The writer lives in Pawleys Island