Letters to the Editor

MB treats younger crowd badly

Re Captain Ron and Brenda Bailey letter, "Boardwalk needs decency police," July 2:

As a lifetime resident of Murrells Inlet, albeit only 23 years old, I have seen a lot of change come to our area. Unfortunately, one of these changes is a constant influx of retirees who forget that the reason everyone wants to live here is that this is a beach town. The boardwalk is an oceanfront boardwalk. If the girls are barely wearing any clothes, its because they are in a bikini. If the guys' pants are falling down, it could be because they are wearing board shorts underneath, not underwear.

More important, the captain and his wife are less likely to have disposable income to blow on food and drinks that are overpriced, even if they do buy the grandkids some ice cream. However, you can count on your 20s and 30s crowd to hit the nearest bar and spend $200 or more. In fact, you can count on a larger crowd than that. The point of all this is that in the past five years I have stopped going to Myrtle Beach entirely because in general the younger crowd gets treated like crap there.

Yesterday I went to the Market Common to see "The Last Airbender" in 3-D with a buddy after having a few drinks. When we got there, the place was full of kids. Rather than blame the kids for being there and making us feel uncomfortable having a buzz, we walked down to King Street Grille and spent $70 on appetizers and drinks. We were capable of dealing with the situation without attacking others. Why aren't you?

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.