Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

North Myrtle Beach

Mahaney will be good for city

Re "A Good Soldier," July 11 editorial:

A refreshing breeze is on its way to the city of North Myrtle Beach. As you pointed out, Mike Mahaney possesses upfront honesty, a strong work ethic and dedication to the community as a whole. These qualities will immediately begin to heal the recent wounds of the city. Many years ago, Mike and I worked in the same Virginia county; he as a city manager and I as a central office administrator for the county schools. Mike was always a professional and made well-thought-out recommendations to the council.

Please do not overplay his brief tenures in Nassau County and Deerfield Beach, Fla. Public officials employed by elected boards are probably the most highly educated migrant workers in the America.

Congratulations are in order to North Myrtle Beach for employing a true professional and gentleman.

Martin Loughlin

Myrtle Beach


New law

not about race

Re Jason Eastman letter, "Arizona law abets racism," July 12:

I urge everyone who has not read Mr. Eastman's letter to the editor of July 12, 2010 about the Arizona immigration law to do so. It is a good example of how to spin something to support a particular viewpoint, and more often than not race is the central theme. The issue in Arizona is not about race, but about the federal governments inability and unwillingness to secure our borders.

Barry A. Cox

Pawleys Island


Bikes don't belong

on 7-lane street

Re "Driver arrested after bicyclist struck," July 10 news item:

I know the driver needed to be arrested, and I am sympathetic to the injured bicyclist, but who in their right mind would ride a bike on that busy seven-lane street? There is a new sidewalk on one side of the road and a well-used foot and bike path on the other side. Why in the world would a bicyclist try to mix it up with that many vehicles?

Charles Newton

North Myrtle Beach


Phone calls

annoy voters

I have never been so disgusted about politics until this year. In the past the politicians have called my telephone number and talked about why they should be elected. If it was a recording, I hung up. This year every time my phone rang and I picked it up, no one was there. After saying hello several times, it disconnected and I got a dial tone. Didn't realize the politicians didn't want to talk to me; they wanted their message to go on my answering machine, so I would have to listen to the full message. If I knew who they were, I would never vote for them.

This started before the primary and has been going on through voting day.

And all the worthless large political cards sent through the mail. Sure hope the taxpayers didn't have to pay for their postage.

Madge Millward

Myrtle Beach