Letters to the Editor

Lazy folks outnumber caring ones

Re Meg Murad letter, "Fireworks trash shore, ocean," June 30:

Thank you for speaking out, Ms. Murad. I, too, am very disturbed that people are allowed to set off fireworks on our beaches then leave a horrible mess afterward to be carried out by high tide. I also agree that we need to teach our children that littering is not acceptable. No matter where you live or vacation, respect for Mother Nature is a necessity for generational survival.

This ongoing dilemma has caused many locals to take on the responsibility of picking up trash after others. Problem is, we are outnumbered by those who don't care, and the problem is out of control. My husband and I have traveled to other places with our children and never treated other beaches or towns with such disrespect. Why damage the very beauty you come to see?

Last summer my husband and I took gardening tools, several large garbage bags and a weedeater to the area where the go-karts and other rides are located in Garden City Beach and cleaned up because we had family coming into town and were embarrassed by its trashy appearance.

I am not a confrontational person, but when good common sense is taken over by the lowest thing a person can do while visiting our beach, my blood boils seeing this lazy behavior. We don't mind tourists if they take care of our beaches like they were their own backyards. We need to enforce clean beaches. If we don't worry about what is in the water or on our beaches now, the consequences of damaging our God-given beauty will be shocking.

The writer lives in Garden City Beach.