Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Horry charters

Motorsports school is smart addition

If Horry County's school board gave a 90-day conditional approval to the Palmetto Academy for Learning Motorsports Charter School because it wants to nail down details before issuing a charter, that is fair enough. ("School plan moves ahead," July 7.) However, if it is just stringing along charter advocates before dashing their dreams, as so often happens with school boards when they perceive their turf being threatened, that would be unfortunate.

Many children do not benefit from conventionally structured public education. As evidence rolls in from around the country, it is becoming clear that graduation rates rise when families can choose from among a variety of educational approaches for their children.

A national study released in March by Mathematica Policy Research found that charter schools were boosting graduation rates 7 percent to 15 percent.

PALM would offer a choice for kids who don't necessarily dig Shakespeare but do relish hands-on work in an exciting field such as the racing industry. Being able to practice skills related to a future job could motivate them to acquire the academic basics to round out their education. Horry County should be proud to foster such innovative educational choices.

Robert G. Holland

Myrtle Beach

Boat parade

Soaking fizzles fun on Fourth of July

Re Murrells Inlet Fourth of July boat parade:

My little granddaughter, who just turned 4, could not wait to sit on the edge of the dock and wave to all of the boats. She remembered last year how some of the boats had tossed her candy and beaded necklaces. This year was very different for both of us. The third or fourth boat in this year's parade cut his motor hard, tilted and revved it up, slinging tons of water toward the dock. My little granddaughter and I were soaked from head to toe. I wonder if the man driving the boat turned to see her soaking wet and crying in her little patriotic dress and bows. Next year please be considerate of everyone, including the little children.

Pamela Springs

Murrells Inlet

U.S. policy

Don't help out illegal immigrants

What part of the illegal immigration law does the Obama administration not understand?

It is against the law to be here illegally, period. I have no problem with those who are legal, as my parents came from Italy legally.

I do not believe that children of illegal immigrants should automatically be American citizens. This is not fair.

I also do not approve of this administration thinking of making all illegals legal; they should be deported then apply for legal status.

Our borders must be secured, with no exceptions. We can no longer provide free services and education especially in this economy.

I believe the governor of Arizona is right enforcing the immigration laws which the Obama administration fails to do, and we all know this could be an election ploy by him for upcoming votes in the next election.

I am also angry at the attorney general for not charging the Black Panthers in the Philadelphia incident in which they intimidated white voters by standing in front of the polling place in uniform with batons in their hands

Last: Why is there a black TV channel (BET)? Why is there a Black Caucus? Can you imagine if white folks asked for the same things?

We must remember in the upcoming election this administration must go.

Gus Barbetta