Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Missing out

Video salute for troops fell flat

Our family got excited about being a part of the video salute to the troops we read about in the local media. What a great idea. We even brought our flag along to wave at the camera.

Seeing the C-17 flying low over the area a dozen times on our way to the beach just heightened our anticipation.

We ended up in the midst of the crowd near the 14th Street pier ready to go. A small banner plane flew by advising everyone to wave to the helicopter that would be making the actual tape for the troops.

No helicopter ever showed up. Then the C-17 did its so-called "flyover" a mile and a half off shore. Not a single person in the sea of bodies around us even noticed.

It was a complete waste of time. Articles in the local media were unclear and poorly edited. The whole event wasn't promoted well at all.

Apparently the camera helicopter "got lost." And then the actual plane flew by so far away nobody even noticed. Why bother?

Joe Boggs

Myrtle Beach


Make beach tent rules, post them

Re limited sight and access by lifeguards caused by tent location.

City Council and County Council should pass an ordinance establishing and limiting beach tents at least 20 yards from the midday water line where lifeguard chairs should be located. Thus the alert guards should be able to see the entire shoreline unobstructed.

Permanent signs should be posted with facts.

Just this past week I observed North Myrtle Beach city crews again removing tent braces at 10 p.m. after families had taken off the covers. What happens with these tent frames, whose owners should be treated with respect? Most of these guests do not know of ordinances.

Oftentimes at Cherry Grove beach the maintenance crew is late in the morning to sweep the beach after families have placed tents, blankets, etc. on the beach. The city needs to do better job of being friendly.

I have owned and have been part-time resident since 1963 and want everyone happy. It's really easy if people understand.

William C. Smith

North Myrtle Beach


Paper should have printed Declaration

I would certainly hope that I wasn't the only one who noticed that The Sun News did not print the Declaration of Independence in the July Fourth issue as it has done for at least the past 10 years. Were you saving paper and print or have you caved in to the political correctness hysteria, too?

Liz Johanns

North Myrtle Beach

'Deepest desires'

Get inner peace

with God's will

What are some of the deepest desires of our hearts?

One of the deepest desires of our hearts is to start getting inner peace in this complicated world we are living in. Whatever our heart's desires are we must start asking what the desire is, and ask according to his will.

What we ask for in prayer according to his will is already done; sometimes right away, otherwise it might take more time. Unless it is not for our good we will know this, he will let us know it.

When we surrender our hearts and lives to do God's will, we will notice our lives will be happier; we have more inner joy and loving our lives most of the time. Gradually we will grow into the person God wants us to be. We will be able to use our gifts to grow closer to God in our journey and bring everyone we meet closer to him, however we are led.

Kay Bonner

Myrtle Beach


Politicians sacrifice environment

Our elected officials just don't know how to make a decision any longer; they just put someone in charge, form a committee, have a hearing or just do nothing.

When the BP oil company placed the dome over the well head not a drop of oil escaped, but greedy BP was unable to capture the oil as planned so the dome was removed.

No one in Washington objected or even made a call to object.

The Jones Act that keeps foreign ships out of the Gulf could have been waived by any of the department heads or the president in this national emergency. So the oil flows on looking for a nice beach to pollute.

We have but one voice, but let it be heard in November.

Robert Jones

Myrtle Beach


Rethink how priorities got passed

Re Martin Robic letter, "Ready to oust the Democrats," July 6:

I believe if Robic would check which party was in power during the past 16 years, he would find that President Clinton worked with a Republican-controlled House and Senate for the last six years of his presidency and President George W. Bush only had to work with a Democratic-controlled Senate for the first two years of his presidency. The House was controlled by Republicans for 10 years from 1995 to 2005.

This would mean Clinton worked his smoke and mirrors with the help of a Republican-controlled House and Senate and Bush had a Republican-controlled House to help get his tax cuts passed.

This is just some of his wrong information, and I guess that no one should apologize to the men and women killed in Iraq.

Lynn Harbold

Carolina Shores, N.C.


Pay cut for Congress introduced

It's about time.

June's American Legion Magazine printed a most interesting article that I quote a portion of here:

"U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz., has introduced legislation to cut congressional pay by 5 percent starting January 2011. It would be Congress' first pay cut since 1933. The bill also blocks automatic pay increases for Congress."

Wow! At last someone is really caring for the American taxpayer.

I would add that they put a moratorium on increases for Congress for four years.

The bill is online at Kirkpatrick.house.gov.

Jan DuBois

Myrtle Beach