Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


S.C. senators right to fight national debt

Re Judy Parker letter, "DeMint, Graham need to be ousted," July 4:

She should thank the good Lord for these two senators - well, at least one, Jim DeMint; the other is debatable (Lindsey Graham). We could have Charles Schumer, Christopher Dodd, Richard Durbin or others like them. The point is the Republicans want to extend unemployment, but they'd like to see it come out of the stimulus with no other attachments. President Obama wants to save that and borrow more, so it's obvious that Parker, who must be a liberal, doesn't care if people's children or grandchildren pay for this in the future. When running your household, do you save to get something or do you borrow so that when you can't pay the American people will foot your bills? I know we cut down a lot of perks because money is tight. My point is the government should run business the way most American families do: If you can't afford it, don't buy it.

Edward Koziol


Beyond casinos

Little River has hidden successes

Re "Casinos, village search for balance," July 4 article:

I find a reference to "Worley," possibly Harold Worley, our Horry County councilman, in that article. A bit confusing.

Also, the article omitted The Crab Catchers restaurant, which has been a steady successful eatery at the Little River waterfront for years also.

Also, another craw in my throat is the Blue Crab Festival, which has been at the waterfront in Little River for many years. I am amazed that there is never any published contribution, moneywise, for the betterment of the waterfront from the people responsible for the festival. I would like to know why there is never any public statement or any acknowledgement of how the obviously more than adequate funds are dispensed in any way for the benefit of Little River. That is very disturbing.

Little River needs to be recognized as it is a great fishing village with much history, a place of interest along the Grand Strand.

James M. Stewart

Little River