Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


One sign could fix dangerous problem

The Airport Diner in Myrtle Beach sits about a mile south of the Coastal Grand Mall on U.S. 17 Bypass. Since the mall opened, there have been numerous bad accidents at the intersection in front of that diner.

Most are caused by people who miss the turnoff to the mall and are making an illegal U-turn to get back to Harrelson Boulevard.

There is an easy solution to fix this dangerous problem.

The problem is that there isn't a visible sign coming off U.S. 501 South to direct people Harrelson Boulevard.

The powers that be need to place a very large sign as you enter the bypass from U.S. 501 directing people to keep right and exit onto Harrelson Boulevard.

It is only natural for someone who sees the mall on the left as they get onto the bypass to move to the left to get there. A thing like a strategically placed sign could possibly save you or someone you love from getting into an accident or even killed at this dangerous intersection.

Scott Forbes

Myrtle Beach

A loss

Great physician lost in Dr. King

Myrtle Beach lost not only a fine physician last week with the untimely death of Dr. John King, but the world has lost a true gentleman and friend to all. God only knows how many lives Dr. King has saved and how many people became better "adjusted" to this world because of him. He always had the time and took the time to listen and talk to those who were lucky to call themselves patients of Dr. King. With his open-collared shirt and sockless loafered feet, he would greet you with the biggest smile. Another sign of the man's professionalism was the friendliness and kind treatment you received by his staff. I will miss Dr. King, but not nearly as much as his immediate family. Dr. King, thank you for everything.

Bob Tomassetti

Myrtle Beach


Cherish memories in blessed U.S.

Fourth of July memories: My husband and I are in our 70s, and our health is not too good, especially my husband's. We had to spend this Fourth of July indoors in our living room. What a beautiful day God has given to everyone indoors or outside. As the evening approached, we could hear in the distance all the fireworks going on. What fun they were having. We could just picture in our minds parents, kids and families watching and enjoying them. We tried to remember the last time we enjoyed fireworks with our children. They have a way of growing up. We are very thankful for the times we have had in this great country of ours - wonderful holidays and family times. Enjoy your dear children and be so thankful for all times. Thank God every day for God, country, freedoms and how blessed we are to raise our children in this great country. God bless America, and America, be thankful to God.

Helen McCordy

Myrtle Beach

Froma harrop

Election will cancel out opinion

Re Froma Harrop column, "Medicare: Tea party drowning in sea of hypocrisy," June 6:

Is she for real? What a bug wit. Leftist elitists like her are doomed. After the next election, her warped opinion will not matter.

Edward Ritzmann


Deeds, not words

Obama needs to get down to business

A message for President Obama:

Acta Non Verba - "Deeds, not Words." The president is a showman, numero uno - he's on the beach in Louisiana playing with black tar balls. We all know there are tar balls on the beach. What is he accomplishing? A joke! Listen to experts.

I hope people come to their senses in the next presidential election.

Sorry for being so critical, but he needs to stop showmanship and photo ops.

Fred Portway

Myrtle Beach


Widespread change is overdue

Most Americans cannot afford to be fleeced by unethical lenders; and yet those who can least afford it are the most likely to be burdened with exorbitant borrowing costs, even when they are responsible and pay on time.

Meaningful reform and regulation of the financial industry is urgent and long overdue. It is time for credit card and mortgage lenders to play fair. No more sneaky or hidden costs.

Parasitic lending practices that prey on the working poor by charging abusive rates of interest undermine the moral integrity of our society at a time when we can least afford it.

Congress must pass legislation creating an independent agency to protect American consumers and enforce fair, responsible lending practices. It is high time.

Mimi Wrobel

North Myrtle Beach