Letters to the Editor

Sand mine hurts health, property

Once again our quality of life and health are going to be threatened with exposure to cancer-giving silica, noise and traffic from a sand mine. The mine was once a supposedly dead issue, until the company could find a back-door way around the regulations, and now again they are trying to put it in the middle of hundreds of homes and two schools. Have they no conscience? But of course they do not reside there, so they and their families are not exposed. The same holds true of our Horry County Council Rep. Marion Foxworth, who stated that there is no problem as other communities are putting in ponds like those in Clear Pond. But he fails to mention that this sand mine dredging operation will be over many years, not a few months like the community ponds. One wonders who he really represents - not the community where the majority are against it.

Who would want to build or buy here? Will the developers with land in the area ever sell land or homes? Will Realtors sell houses? With the reduction in property values, will the county readily reassess the homes and reduce their taxes, because they should if they allow this mine. Anyone thinking of buying in the area for at least the next 10 years or so would be foolish to do so. Only a small few benefit from this sand mine. The sand mining company got around the regulation by saying they will build less than 10 homes someday. Maybe in 10 years or not ever.

The real question now is, will the county let his happen? Will they forgo the wishes of the homeowners, residents and schools and let this travesty occur for the sake of sand that could be gotten from less populated places? Will they do like our federal government and ramrod it down our throats? Our true wish is that they stand back, look in the mirror and search their conscience, recognize the ramifications, and then do what the people truly want and stop this from impairing our lives.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.