Letters to the Editor

Ready to oust the Democrats

Re Doug Ross letter, "Bush's 'generosity' harms country," June 28:

I thought that most Bush-haters had gone back to sleep since their American Idol had been elected. Ross refers to the tax breaks George W. gave his millionaire friends. I wonder how Bush got those tax breaks passed through a Democrat-controlled House and Senate, of which Obama was a proud supporter. I guess it was railroaded with free gifts to various states, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gave to Missouri and Nebraska.

As for the dynamic Democratic idol, Bill Clinton and his balanced budget, this was done with smoke and mirrors and because another Democrat, Lyndon B. Johnson, stole the money from Social Security and placed it in the general fund (thievery) to fund the Vietnam War, during which thousands of our boys were killed and maimed. LBJ also created the "Great Society" that pays for each illegitimate child who is born, placing more and more people on welfare through aid to dependent children (even illegal aliens get this). But that guarantees Democratic votes. How did Christopher Dodd, Reid, Pelosi, etc., get their no-interest loans from those mortgage companies that then looked for the government (taxpayers) to bail them out?

Then Obama goes around the world apologizing for our attitudes, when he should go to cemeteries and apologize to the men and women who were killed in the Democratic wars, such as Vietnam and Korea. Can you imagine the outcry from the press and liberals if Bush had hired tax cheats and all these czars for high-paying government jobs? There is nothing that will get us out of this greater depression but jobs and not getting health care pushed through.

What can eliminate our Social Security and Medicare problems is disallowing all aliens from these systems. What happened to the old adage that stated, "If you don't work, you don't eat?" True, some people do need help and those people should get it, but aliens going to school and receiving aid shouldn't get help on the taxpayers' dollar. Illegals in our country have no rights. What part of "illegal" don't you understand?

2012 cannot come soon enough for me to get rid of this bunch. God bless America.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.