Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Enforce laws to restrict ugly blight

An open letter to Code Enforcement of Horry County in reference to "County battles deluge of signs," June 24 article:

I have been living here about a year and as I drive around, the roads are trashed with signs - political, for sale, services, real estate, etc. I do not know the laws here, but whatever they are, they should be published in the paper to inform everyone. Why should taxpayers foot the bill to clean up this mess? In our prior home, no signs were permitted on road rights of way. Signage had to be on private property, with permission. How about a big effort to clean up this blight?

David Gerkens

Myrtle Beach

Memorial Day

Heartfelt 'thank you' to all veterans

My father, a World War II veteran, recently walked in the city of Myrtle Beach's Memorial Day parade during its Military Appreciation Days. He seldom has spoken of the war. He did become quite emotional as he told me of the Vietnam veterans who walked alongside them and talked of them mentioning the fact that they would be there for the elder vets if anyone, such as war protesters, tried to give them a hard time. It was easy to tell it meant a lot to him. I would like to thank them for that. I would also like to thank them and all veterans for their service to this country. Thanks for freedom. You made it happen at a great cost, and continue to do so.

J.K. Braswell

Murrells Inlet

Unemployment nixed

DeMint, Graham need to be ousted

I am outraged at our U.S. Sens. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham. They continue to vote against the citizens of our state by voting down the unemployment extension. Supposedly, they are holding fast to their ideology in order to "save" future generations from increased taxes. I wonder just how many of these kids will thank these "saviors" for going to bed hungry, for homelessness, for lack of medications? If ever there were a great example of why term limits are necessary this is it. These two have slurped at the public trough far too long. They need to come back to South Carolina and pay attention to the many people who cannot find a job. What are they to do now?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Marie Antoinette said the peasants should eat cake. Our senators are so out of touch they don't even think they need to comment. Unbelievable!

Judy Parker

Myrtle Beach


Obama won't accept responsibility

There is a rumor going around Washington that when Gen. David Petraeus accepted the Afghanistan appointment, the president handed him three envelopes. Each shall be opened at six month intervals. The first envelope contains "Blame Bush," the second "Blame McChrystal," and the last one states "I have failed the president." This will keep Obama's record intact, nothing will be his fault.

Brian Sunday

Little River