Letters to the Editor

Boardwalk needs decency police

With all the turmoil going on in our great country, we almost feel guilty referring to what we consider to be a major flaw in one of our local situations. With that being said, as longtime residents, business owners, taxpayers and staunch supporters of this wonderful city that we are blessed to live in, we must tell you that we took the opportunity to visit our new boardwalk in downtown Myrtle Beach. We were completely overwhelmed by the landscape, the structure, as well as the layout of this obviously costly project. Totally an outstanding addition to the downtown area. We had the pleasure of bringing our grandchildren to view this upgrade, which was well-planned and timely, adding to the pleasure of our wonderful visitors.

It is unfortunate that our family was unable to spend only about 15 minutes enjoying this tropical masterpiece due to the undesirable language overwhelmingly displayed by many persons as we entered the walkway from 14th Avenue.

We hesitate to mention the dress code as our 4-year-old granddaughter wanted to know why people were showing their "bottoms," with their pants hanging down. The boys' pants were down to their knees, and the young ladies (not really ladies), well, I've seen more in a brothel in Saigon.

So excuse us for thinking the music is too loud because we're too old! I don't think so!

Clean up this beautiful boardwalk before it becomes the same as it was before it was built. If we're too old, the city spent too much money. Where are the decency police when we need them? If you want people to come, then clean it up.

The writers live in Myrtle Beach.