Letters to the Editor

Fireworks trash shore, ocean

I am very, very disturbed that people are allowed to set off fireworks on our beautiful beaches. It makes no sense that this is all right to do. I saw tons of fireworks debris trashing the beaches this weekend on top of the damage it does to our beautiful ocean. My nephew had to duck not to have one rocket of some sort heading right for his face to explode when we went for an evening beach walk. It is dark and completely out of control. This is supposed to be family friendly? Teaching our children that littering and filling our ocean with explosives is perfectly fine? The brunt of the fireworks go into the ocean. I think it's very irresponsible for Garden City Beach and all other areas to allow this to go on.

Why aren't the prisoners out there every morning raking up this trash to pay for their free room and board? The trash is everywhere in Garden City Beach. They drive right along ignoring it. I try to clean it up but it doesn't even make a dent. Not only fireworks, just trash everywhere left for the next day to accumulate some more.

If you call the police department they say letting off fireworks is allowed until 11 p.m. It should not be allowed at all.

The next day when the guys come to dump the scarce trash bins in Garden City Beach they actually drive on top of litter. Tons of little plastic parts line the shore to be taken into the ocean at high tide. It sounds like greed to me. The fireworks stores are everywhere you look. It's all about the money.

Maybe Garden City Beach and all the other areas that allow this should join in with BP and make sure the future of our oceans are permanently scarred. The sea life suffers so much with this litter. Can't someone please do something about this? Someone in office? What will it take?

There should be a lawsuit against them for crimes against Mother Nature. Shame!

Why is this going on?

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.