Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Political system is part of the problem

Re Reid Johnson letter, "Conservatives haven't given results," June 21:

Johnson hit the nail on the head when he said people elect the "lesser of the evils." As a fiscal conservative, I will always try to vote for the candidate who seems to comprehend the simple reality that you can't endlessly spend what you ain't got. That will usually rule out anyone who is favored by unions, welfare advocates and those in favor of illegal immigration. It seems that most of the problems with the political process is politicians. Former California Gov. Jerry Brown commented that the Republican candidate, Meg Whitman, had never done anything except run a multibillion-dollar corporation and she "doesn't know a thing about politics." Your sister paper the Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently published a letter from a really sharp lady that said politicians should dress like NASCAR drivers and wear the logos of the special interests that "sponsor" them.

It seems the only way we can protect ourselves from politicians and maybe restore some common sense to the political process is term limits. If only.

R.H. Gruy

Pawleys Island


Election calls tough to avoid

This election year has been unbearable for getting an unlimited amount phone calls.

I have caller ID, but these political calls have some way to block their phone numbers. I also am listed with "no call registry," but that seems to work only on telemarketing calls. Caller ID has to have a phone number to enable the phone company to contact them.

I think that candidates who use this way of campaigning should know that it might backfire on them. Many of the calls had no one speaking at all, just silence and then a dial tone.

June J. Parness

Myrtle Beach

Oil spill

Environmentalists hardly out to hurt us

Art Blenk ("Efforts disregard cost to people," June 17 letter) places the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster on the shoulders of environmentalists. He reasons that because environmentalists have blocked drilling in places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, "19 million acres of frozen-over dirt," the disaster in the Gulf occurred? Huh?

Blenk misses the fact that British Petroleum has a history of safety and equipment violations. BP was responsible for a Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, pipeline spill in 2006, "the largest spill on Alaska's North Slope," according to a June 8 Washington Post article.

Blenk's noxious diatribe against environmentalists also accuses them of a goal for "the demolition of technological/industrialization ..." and that "they wish to control our lifestyles." These are the views of a pathological hater. They suggest that environmentalists, from all walks of life, liberal and conservative, are exclusively interested in destroying an economy that was built on a strong industrial history. Amazing.

Patrick Westmoreland

Myrtle Beach