Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Health care

Satisfaction hard to wring from insurer

To all of you who prefer the status quo as it regards health care and have no problem with the abuses of the insurance industry, I can only sincerely hope you have experiences similar to my own, and then let's see if your viewpoint stays intact.

There are limitations on any recourse one can have when being constantly stalled, ignored and frustrated by one of these gangster insurance firms, but filing a complaint with the state insurance commission has helped in my case.

I am owed approximately $2,000 in out-of-pocket costs for home health care being provided for my invalid spouse who has survived a bone marrow transplant from breast cancer, has had six TIAs (mini strokes), numerous falls, hospitalized for a few weeks due to a bad reaction to medication, etc.

I'm fortunate to be in reasonably good health myself and thus able to burn up the phone lines, express coherently (I hope) my anger and pursue justice in battling the insurance company but genuinely feel for the elderly in our midst who are either alone or unable to fight these leeches of our society.

Norman Winkler

Myrtle Beach

Local economy

Suing BP before damage is frivolous

Re "Locals sue BP over oil spill," June 9 article:

This is a prime example of the type of frivolous lawsuit that begets calls for tort reform, and no wonder. With no damage there is no case. Who can tell if the BP situation or the economy is responsible for tourism decline? Edward Bell and his clients have no chance of recovery until something is lost and they can prove it. I think the judge will find that, at a minimum, this case is not "ripe" and may never be. At a time when state legal resources are at an all time low and courts are challenged to hear cases that have a real impact on the law, this just is a foolish publicity stunt.

Charles E. Goings

Little River

Thank you

Appreciation for help for feral cats

Re feral cat fundraiser:

Thank God for animal lovers. With God's help and the help of the restaurants, local residents, stores and the publicity given by the media, the yard sale was a smashing success.

Local vets and St. Frances Animal Center have graciously offered to help spay and neuter these feral cat colonies. You all made a difference in the lives of these animals.

Georgia Olker

Pawleys Island


Want to make a difference? Run

Re Reid Johnson letter, "Conservatives haven't given results," June 21:

Johnson makes very valid points in his diatribe on the politics in his state. However, as South Carolina does not have term limits, we welcome Reid's candidacy in future elections at any level as a liberal posing as an independent. Another Bush "basher" who does not recognize that the Dems have controlled Congress since January 2007. Where are all the miracles promised by the current administration? Until we elect people that do as they promised, we will continue to be disappointed.

M.H. Drew

Carolina Shores