Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Adhering to party

Writer defends Republican beliefs

Re Reid Johnson letter, "Conservatives haven't given results," June 21:

Before I cast my Republican butt into the depths of hell for what I am, let me tell you why.

No doubt we are in a sorry state of affairs (no pun intended) in South Carolina.

We are statistically near last where we should be first and first where we should be last. We have Republicans who have exhibited immorality and have so brought down the education level in South Carolina that 60 percent of Democrats can't read a simple voting ballot. We have a Republican senator who called our president a liar on the floor of the Senate on national TV and to his face. I hope that we never have reason to hear it again.

And I wonder why I am a Republican. Sometimes I almost forget. And then I remember.

I don't believe in the procedure called partial-birth abortion where a doctor sucks a partially born child's brain out, a practice that remains in the foundation of the Democratic Party. I don't believe that we should allow illegals from any country to enter our country, if for no other reason than security. I believe in a strong national defense, and I am worried that a weakened one will be the end of our country. I don't believe that taking God out of our country is a good thing. I don't believe that realism is racism. And the list goes on.

And yes, it is the lesser of two evils. Now excuse me, my feet are getting hot.

Bill Hills

Murrells Inlet

Immigrants, oil spill

U.S. too lenient on law-breakers

I must have too much time on my hands being a senior citizen because I started to wonder how in the world we got to where we're taking a piece of Arizona and declaring that a certain part of a national park was off limits to U.S. citizens. Listening to news programs, we learn that it's full of drug smugglers and illegals making their way into America. So instead of President Obama cleaning up the mess he'll sue Arizona and block off this area for illegals and drug traffic. Good plan. When I was a kid you went to jail, not a country club like Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants to turn the detention centers into (bingo, movies, art classes etc.). The average American doesn't have these benefits.

Ask the people in homes for the aged. Last gripe: The oil spill is a disaster but can someone explain to me how that beady-eyed weasel Henry Waxman had the nerve to put down the BP execs when his party allowed the rig to go on, knowing they had 700 violations against them?

The best part was both parties accepted millions in contributions. What a great country.

Ed Koziol


Rep. Joe Barton

Politician is poster boy for GOP

On June 17, Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, called the BP $20 billion liability fund negotiated by President Obama for the benefit of Americans who live on the Gulf Coast a "shakedown" of a private corporation. His exact words are: "It is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown, in this case a $20 billion shakedown."

Finally, a Republican reveals what many of us have known for at least a century, for his remark demonstrates so well the GOP's:

1. historical contempt for the American people

2. high regard for corporations

3. allegiance to big oil companies and

4. disdain for (needed) regulations.

I suggest that Joe Barton is the perfect poster boy for the GOP and its long-held values.

Carolyn Huggins

Surfside Beach

Hospital care

Grand Strand facility provides much help

Three years ago I lost my mother (Thelma Shelley) and aunt (Mazie Thompkins) - they both died 19 days apart at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

Today, I visited a friend whose mother is passing in this facility; it brought back many memories of the months my sister (Lucy Hughes) and I spent caring for them both. I tried to impress upon my friend the care and extra concern that Grand Strand hospital gave to both of them.

Doug White (the chief executive) himself also visited the floors with great care and concern for the patients.

This not only meant much to my family, but to the employees and other people there in concern for their loved ones.

I wanted to again express my gratitude not only to the hospital staff, but to Doug White for all the caring, concern and extras they extend to the ones sick and afflicted.

Robert Shelley

Myrtle Beach