Letters to the Editor

Comments need support of facts

In reading Dan Abel's June 12 column, "America must take action," I was taken aback by his comments. His anecdote about driving habits and his berating of the SUV was amusing. Mr. Abel, thank your lucky stars the driver did not get out of his car and tell you to mind your own business. Now if you are so concerned about the use of gasoline, then why are you driving? You should be riding your bike to work.

The liberal information about our U.S. oil consumption is a little misleading. The automobile is always the culprit; ownership in the two most populated countries in the world is a fraction of that in the U.S. China has about 20 vehicles for every 1,000 citizens - same for India - while the U.S. has 812 vehicles per 1,000 citizens. Are you advocating we sell our cars? If so, Mr. Abel, sell yours first.

Humankind's lifestyle is a direct correlation to wealth creation. The caveman lived very frugally; however, as he "created" wealth, he added to his life comfort. So do we as a wealthy advanced nation; we have created wealth for ourselves and the rest of the world, so why not allow ourselves some perks such as more personal space, comfort and easy transportation? Yes, the rest of the world lives smaller than we do; however, the wealthy in the rest of the world live a lifestyle very similar to ours.

You claim the planet "devolves into a tattered, denuded shadow of itself." Please show us the facts. In the past 40 years, we have become better stewards of the environment. Regulations have made industry better at managing the use of our resources. I will agree we are not perfect, but perfection lives only in academia.

Liberals do not want us to explore oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This national refuge comprises 19 million acres, and the region to be used for oil exploration is 1.5 million acres, 7 percent of the total area. Do you really think the caribou will mind? Liberals would rather send money to nonfriendly nations instead of using our own natural resources, thus keeping the money here in the U.S.

You ask for a moratorium on nuclear power. Have you been asleep? The last nuclear plant to go online was 1996; the environmentalists have made sure we can no longer build a plant in this country. France gets 78.8 percent of its power from nuclear. Not sure why you want to expand research on safe nuclear when it appears to me the French have it figured out. Check their accident record - it is negligible.

Despite the current oil leak in the Gulf, I would argue the record of drilling there is quite good. Remember, we have been drilling in the Gulf of Mexico since 1966.

Risk is part of our life, no matter what we do. Even new sources of energy will bring with them a new set of risks, some we may not even have contemplated, so we must live our lives, trying to minimize the risks we face while at the same time accepting those risks.

By the way, speaking of lap dogs, you are pretty loyal to your left-leaning friends.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.