Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Ferris wheel

Tearing down of Pavilion was stupid

In reference to Tom Leath's comment in the June 15 paper: "We're really excited about the [Ferris wheel]. It's big enough to be an iconic feature for the city." We had just that, but the "infinite wisdom" of the powers-that-be tore them down. I'm speaking of the Pavilion and amusement park. They were icons in this city for over 60 years. They attracted families from all over the United States. Now, all we have are two eyesores with no-trespassing signs posted on them. I was born and raised in Garden City Beach, and it was always a special treat to go to the Pavilion. I was so shocked when I heard that they were being torn down. Myrtle Beach will suffer from lack of families visiting downtown for many years to come. You just don't know what you have until it's gone. Don't get me started on the Harley rallies that were held here for 67 years.

Christine Keasler

Surfside Beach

Arts funding

Musicians grateful for veto override

I want to thank our state representatives for overriding Gov. Mark Sanford's veto for the funding of the arts. As many of you in the community have firsthand information about the programs the Long Bay Symphony provides for Horry and Georgetown counties and Brunswick County, N.C., you will understand the importance that we at the LBS attach to these educational offerings. The symphony just completed a Musicians in the Schools program this past June, and we look forward to another young people's concert next season. Our youth orchestra program will start again in the fall after the school year begins. Thank you for supporting the funding of the arts in South Carolina.

Joanne Milnor

Murrells Inlet

Taxes wasteful

Some on public dole always seek handout

Re James A. Keller letter, "Right needs to look at spending policy," June 11:

Keller has lost perspective. It is true that there is waste in the military, but Kellar would not be singing his tune if it was not for our military that defends and protects us against outside threats. It is the military that sacrifices their lives so Keller can enjoy the freedom he takes for granted.

I am not a member of the right. My wife and I enjoy and reserve the right to use our hard-earned money on causes and people we find deserving of help, even though it may not be deductible. We would rather do that than hand it over to the government as taxes so it could be squandered and doled out to undeserving causes and people who enjoy perpetually looking for a handout. Keller, like many left-leaning people, should not need the government to improve the lives of deserving people when he can easily do the same with his own money for this purpose.

Over the years, Sen. Ted Kennedy was supposedly the champion for improving the lives of fellow citizens with our taxes. Unfortunately, he never disclosed how much of his enormous wealth he spent for the same causes. Maybe this was because he talked the talk but did not want to do the walk.

Eruch Tata

Lexington and Surfside Beach

Where's the money?

Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul?

I read in the paper June 10 that Gov. Mark Sanford is cutting $300 million from the budget, Surfside Beach is laying off their safety director to save money and the Waccamaw EOC is shutting down due to lack of funds.

My question is why The Sun News doesn't answer the question of where President Obama is going to get the additional $400 million he is sending over to Palestine to improve daily life for new schools and road construction.

Are we going to borrow it from China so we can pay it back with interest? Are we planning to hit the Powerball or are we going to cut Social Security?

Eddie Koenig


Driving, texting

Putting others at big risk

What is wrong with people these days regarding cell phone usage while driving? Do they not know that when talking or texting while behind the wheel of a several-thousand-pound vehicle that they are putting both themselves and other drivers at risk? There is no one important enough that you have to talk with them while driving, and texting is even more detrimental. Another problem is not using turn signals. How can they? One hand on the wheel, the other with a cell phone, some even have their phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other - who is driving the car?

People of all ages are so afraid they will miss something that they not only text while driving but in shopping malls, etc., bumping into people and not even saying "excuse me."

Back when I was younger we took a dime and went to a pay phone if we had an emergency; otherwise we waited until we got home to talk to friends and there was a very low percentage of deaths by "auto."

Remember this: Talking and texting does not make you cool, it makes you a fool.

Dorothy Deitz

Myrtle Beach