Letters to the Editor

President a problem-solver

Re Blaine Liljenquist letter, "Obama destroying U.S. Economy," and Mike Datlof letter, "Government misuses our funds," both June 14:

The first, a schoolboyish, sarcastic bit of nonsense accuses our president of deliberately seeking to destroy the American economy. This is like a Baptist accusing a Methodist of deliberately trying to destroy Christianity. It is one thing to question a political opponent's philosophy of government, quite another to question his patriotism. Can't we just discuss the issues instead of, like the Fox jackals, deal only in personal attacks without any actual facts getting in the way? The writer of the letter in question did not adduce a single fact in coming to his conclusion. He finishes his ad hominem attack with a salute to Ronald Reagan and a call for "lower taxes, less government and less regulation," blissfully ignorant of the fact that it was this trifecta that led directly to our current economic troubles, troubles that our current president is trying to alleviate with common sense efforts that have already been measurably successful.

The writer of the second letter in question disingenuously accuses "liberals" of misusing entitlement funds, specifically Social Security and Medicare, and that government is thereby defrauding contributors. The writer does not bother to specify the nature of this misuse but asserts that tea partiers are "awakened" Americans who are "onto this shake-down." What they have not awakened to is the fact that their ultra-right-wing heroes in the past administration tried their best to destroy these programs via privatization. Talk about a shake down. Another sad irony is the writer's condemnation of "wealth distribution," conveniently overlooking the grossest example of such as enacted by Bush/Cheney with their unconscionable tax breaks given to the very richest Americans to the deprivation of the hard-working rest of us whom the tea partiers claim to support.

Can't we just stick to the facts? The truth is good enough.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.