Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Spirit strike

Airline, pilots should be sued

About a week before the Spirit Airlines strike, The Sun News published statements from Spirit stating that they didn't anticipate any disruptions and had all kinds of pilots lined up to step in.

Once the strike began, they immediately canceled every flight and [continued to do so for days]. They should be sued for making such deceptive statements. They [then said they were] busy helping 17,000 passengers a day find other means of flight. Funny, I had three visitors staying with me with Spirit tickets for Sunday [during the strike] and Monday and not one of them was called by Spirit nor could they get through to Spirit via telephone.

The pilots' striking has to be a sign of the economy getting better. Why else would they strike with the package offered to them in this terrible economy? Add to that, they put 17,000 passengers a day into a topsy-turvy world. They both stink.

Bob Shoemaker

Pawleys Island

Pope bashing

Letter writer takes it too far

Re Terry Munson letter, "Pope has head buried in sand," June 14:

Munson's intemperate and ill-informed bashing of the Pope and the Catholic church is bigotry at its most blatant. Sadly, The Sun News is worse because it practices second-hand bigotry by publishing such an errant diatribe.

In Munson's words, and apparently with your editor's agreement, the Catholic Church is a corrupt institution. That it is led by a senior citizen seems equally bad to you and Munson. Gee, what if all your senior citizen subscribers take offense and drop their subscriptions? Munson is so rabid and your editor so cooperative that he is allowed to write gibberish, e.g., "When I gaze at Heidi Klum with something other than aesthetics on my mind, that's a 'sin,' as defined by the very organization for which the pope is in charge of cover-ups." I did like his "quicksand of denial," however. I wonder where he borrowed that one?

Bill Boyd

Pawleys Island

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