Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Horry council

Elect Price to continue service

I am writing to support Paul Price for Horry County Council, District 5.

He has devoted two careers to protecting and serving the citizens of South Carolina and the USA. He now selflessly asks for the opportunity to do the same for the citizens of Horry County District 5.

Paul Price has never run for public office. It seems to me that those of us who live on the southern end of Horry County would be well-served by a representative who is not a career politician.

As the June 8 returns showed, Price has many supporters. But a runoff is still required against one opponent who received fewer votes. I encourage the people of Horry County Council District 5 to get out there and vote again for Paul Price on Tuesday.

Mary Ellen Abrams

Surfside Beach

Myrtle Beach

Helmet law ouster is appreciated

Thank you to the S.C. Supreme Court for overturning the helmet law in Myrtle Beach. Maybe now the state leaders should start investigating as to what is really going on with the city leaders of Myrtle Beach and all the corruption that is going on. If Mayor John Rhodes and other city leaders do not want rallies in this city, then what are they doing in office? The bike rallies are a part of Myrtle Beach, and they help support the businesses in the city. So for all those who are against both bike rallies, either support the bikers or get out of the town. The old saying goes, "If it's too loud, then you're too old."

Steve Hinish

Myrtle Beach

District 5

Don't pick good ol' boy; vote for Price

The people of Horry County who live in District 5 have an important choice on Tuesday: who of two candidates to pick for Council District 5, Bill McKown or Paul Price.

The more information that is published, the more it becomes clear who to cast your vote for.

McKown has had numerous editorials and news articles about his business dealings that cast a shadow on his integrity. His political ties smell of the good ol' boy politics, which the electorate wants to see come to an end.

Voters all over are asking for a new candidate who is honest, transparent, who will cut government spending and work for the taxpayers' best interest.

As a voter, McKown looks more like what I don't want to represent me with each additional news story I see.

Price, a 26-year-veteran with the U.S. Marines and Air National Guard and a Iraq War veteran is clearly now the best choice. Paul Price owes nothing to anyone other than the voters he would serve. Paul Price is not a part of the good ol' boy system.

The voters of District 5 need a new voice who will work for the taxpayers. Cast your vote Tuesday for Paul Price.

M.A. Moss

Surfside Beach

Horry council

Price has interests of voters at heart

The people of Horry County Council District 5 have an important decision to make Tuesday: vote for a newcomer or vote for a regular in the election process. If you read the bios of both Paul Price and Bill McKown, there is one thing that stands out. Mr. McKown is a fine man, but ingrained in good ol' boy politics. The people want to see an end to the good ol' boys system.

McKown says Price has no experience. I wholeheartedly disagree.

Paul Price served this country on our front lines as a Marine sergeant in life-and-death situations. Price had to make decisions that saved the lives of men under him. Price had to be a leader and a team player to survive. Price has given his service to his country and his state and wants to give to his community.

McKown has run for office many times and has claimed many addresses.

What the people need in this District 5 is someone who will serve "We the People," who owes no political debt to anyone but the people. Paul Price is the best choice.

Harry Jacobs

Murrells Inlet


Price doesn't heed MB voter's wishes

I am very suspicious of Paul Price. He is being funded by those in the Myrtle Beach area who want to extend their wishes into my town. There is so much to question here.

He wants to close down restaurant/bars and businesses that have been here longer than he has and shove his morals down our throats. I don't go to bars but they have a right to be here.

He wants to shut down bike week. I don't ride a bike but I support bike week. You don't like us? Go someplace else?

I guarantee he won't be thinking of my rights or those of anyone I know when voting on issues as a council member.

Daryl Heinzmann

Myrtle Beach

Attorney general

Lord has experience for the job

While most voters are busy with the gubernatorial race, let us not forget about one of the most important races, the attorney general. I believe Leighton Lord is by far the most qualified for the position. Not only does Lord have the experience in law enforcement when he was the Republican staff counsel to the Committee on Investigations, he has the management and legal experience to get the job done. As managing partner of one of the state's biggest firms, Leighton understands managing a legal team on a tight budget. Furthermore, Leighton worked on Nexsen Pruet's economic development team helping to negotiate the Boeing deal. We are fortunate to have a candidate who can and will get things done for our state.

I am asking you to do as I will be doing, vote for Leighton Lord, attorney general.

Cleo Steele

North Myrtle Beach


Activists deserve blame for oil disaster

Re Patricia Pacileo letter, "Rig should never have been built," June 14:

I am in total agreement with her thoughts. The spill is an unmitigated disaster for now, and probably years to come.

The national news outlets are already posturing themselves to point fingers at anyone as the responsible party for the current situation. BP, President Obama and President George W. Bush are the guilty parties thus far.

The fact of the matter is that environmentalists, and NIMBY (not in my back yard) activists have for years thwarted the safe and sane approach to tapping this country's solution to foreign oil dependence. There exists in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the U.S. continental shelf, more than enough crude oil and natural gas to make this nation energy-independent for a few hundred years.

Within 20 miles of the S.C. coast, in shallow water, are enough oil reserves to provide high-paying, albeit dangerous, jobs to the area, and tax revenues that would put this state back in the black, and out of the need to constantly raise taxes or borrow money.

Five thousand feet is too deep to drill; 200 to 300 feet is much safer, out of sight of the beach and attainable.

Jack Engel

Myrtle Beach