Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Oil spill

Senators haven't done the right thing

Dear Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint:

I am 12 years old. I am upset at all the videos I have seen over the last few days about the BP oil spill. I cry ever time I see the innocent wildlife that didn't ask for this. You need to stop this now. My parents have taught me right from wrong. Evidently, you didn't listen very well when your parents were trying to teach you.

Hannah Dorin


Today's Katrina

Why is Obama not being lambasted?

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. Many individuals did not heed the warning to evacuate, especially those in New Orleans, thereby placing not only themselves in harm's way but the lives of local, state and federal personnel. It was these same individuals who blamed the federal government for an inadequate and timely response, and even had the audacity to call President Bush a racist. Now we have the oil spill in the Gulf, which is far worse than Katrina and could permanently damage the environment, destroy fishing and oyster beds for many years, and the eliminate the livelihoods of thousands. Where are those voices now? Why were Bush and his administration raked over the coals while President Obama receives little, if any, criticism? I think any intelligent individual knows that answer, but intelligence is the overriding problem.

Bruce D. Rutherford


Summer jobs

MB businesses should hire locally

I work in the transportation business here in town. Several thousand students from Russia, Ukraine and other European countries are coming to the Grand Strand for the summer. At least 2,000 come through my place of business alone. I helped one of them use the phone the other day. On his contact sheet it said the student is "guaranteed 40 hours per week." Unemployment here is at the highest rate in decades. Why is it that our local businesses are giving jobs away to foreigners? Hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, and the amusement park on Third Avenue South bring in these students every year. We should call on these businesses to give their jobs to locals and not foreigners. Let's do what makes sense, folks, because giving away needed jobs to foreigners seems absurd.

Anthony Fore

Myrtle Beach

Leave us alone

Political messages crowd out calls

It's bad enough a week after the elections that we still have "vote for me" signs scattered along our roadsides. What really ticks me off when these politicians take away my needs and privacy. We were away during the elections. We tried to access our answering machine but it was full. When we got home we had 19 messages, 16 from those politicians wanting our vote. It's time the laws also apply to politicians: Soliciting is soliciting.

Patrick Skelly

Myrtle Beach