Letters to the Editor

Suspicious candidacy robs rights

I moved to South Carolina seven years ago after an exhaustive search of possible retirement locations. South Carolina has it all - beautiful people, great history and traditions, pristine beaches, low cost of living, plentiful activities, wonderful local produce and seafood. I love it here, and it truly has become home.

However, it is impossible to describe the embarrassment I suffer whenever we get into the political news. From the famous "You lie" of Joe Wilson, to the hyperbolic "Waterloo" statement of Jim DeMint, all of which can be surpassed by the "Hiking the Appalachian Trail" euphemism of Mark Sanford, S.C. politics have made me feel like hiding the fact that I live here. It certainly doesn't warrant a Chamber of Commerce campaign for relocation here.

This all takes us to the recent Democratic primary. Alvin Greene says he campaigned the "old-fashioned way." Oh really? What way was that exactly? Through ESP? There is more than a smell of funny business here. It stinks of manipulation and arrogance.

I respect Greene's right to run as the Democratic nominee for Senate. I don't respect the fact that everyone here knows that this is a joke. We all lose when this happens, whether you are an independent like me, a Republican or a Democrat. This election has deprived us all of the freedoms our forefathers fought for. There cannot be any doubt as the pure result of our right to vote. It is the most important of all of our rights and to see it manipulated is very worrisome.

I hope a thorough investigation into this election is conducted.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.