Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

LeBron James

Closer reading gives appropriate message

Liz Moore's June 7 letter, "Basketball analogy doesn't bode well," concerning President Obama's "no I in team comment," made it clear that her understanding of the president's message does not bode well for basic proficiency in reading comprehension. Ms. Moore, please reread the president's comment and see if after doing so, you finally get the meaning of his message, which clearly advised LeBron James to find a structure with a good coach that James respects and who is also liked or cared for by his fellow teammates. Please allow me to paraphrase your last two paragraphs.

(1) What a disgrace for an anti-Obama citizen to portray the president's message as the complete opposite of its intent and wording.

(2) There is indeed an "I" in perception, especially when it is lacking.

Roger Etzig

Murrells Inlet

Baseball tickets

USC fans could've called an MB friend

On June 8, after Coastal Carolina University won, I got a call from my University of South Carolina-loyal daughter who, with her husband, planned to come down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. She asked if I could get tickets to the CCU/USC game. I headed over to BB&T Field about 6:45 p.m. and found two windows open for the game and only about eight people in front of me. I am not loyal to either team (my wife and I proudly went to Butler University ... heard of them?) but the vast majority of people who came up and were in line were USC fans. One couple had driven in from Orangeburg, just in case tickets went on sale. All these USC fans were buying the series. I really don't see the point of "the finger" comment from Columbia radio, as the finger the USC fans did and should have used was the one to dial friends in Myrtle Beach, and like me they would have had their tickets in less than 20 minutes.

Dave Carfolite

Myrtle Beach


Knotts comment downright ignorant

Jake Knotts' comment about a raghead in the Statehouse is not just offensive, it's downright ignorant.

Jesus came from Palestine. He wore a cloth on his head - call it his way of dealing with the hot sun.

There are more rag heads walking Ocean Boulevard and the malls right here. Cuties with their little tie-up thingies around their heads, but frankly who cares? The bikers, the best musicians have done the rag-round-the-head thing. So Knotts old boy, what are you talking about? Apologizing after is pure media magnet, commercial and political posturing.

Yes, Nikki Haley's parents are immigrants from Punjab in India, and she was born and raised in America, and yes, we're tired of the accusations about her infidelity. Fact is she's a very attractive woman and men and boys, go get a cold shower.

Really, Republicans, give us something that has content and a believable message. We're not stupid, at least I hope we're not, and we'll not be sucked into your tiddly winks games of did, did not. We're all grown up now and can read words of more than three syllables.

Pinky Daniels

Myrtle Beach