Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Golden Retriever

Many thanks to Piper supporters

On behalf of Grateful Goldens Rescue, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the follow-up article on Piper titled "Dog on a Mission" published on April 30.

This wonderful article not only generated many calls, e-mails and acknowledgements from GGR members, friends and passionate animal lovers but it also helped to make our second annual GGR "TeeOff for Goldens and Putting with Piper" golf tournament that May 22 a huge success. Those who attended the tournament were shocked at his past but marveled at his current well-being. There were people who stopped by just to meet Piper and make a donation to his fellow goldens.

To The Sun News, a golden paw up for helping the animals that need it the most. Getting the word out to the public is the best way to let people know that Grateful Goldens Rescue is here in the area to assist those who need to surrender a golden, and we are here for those who want to provide a homeless golden with a loving home. To all the GGR volunteers, golfers, and to the Island Green Golf Course staff, we thank you for your support in making the tournament such a huge success!

Janis, Rich and Piper Palmer and Chris Dumas

Murrells Inlet

The writers are coordinators of Grateful Goldens Rescue.

Intersection signs

Traffic info necessary, appreciated

Re June 4 letter from Dick Withington:

Sir, you don't like the new S.C. DOT signs depicting the intersections you are approaching. I'm thrilled to see them; Myrtle Beach is joining the ranks of larger cities with this phase of traffic and road safety. Please remember, you may know all local intersection traffic lights and streets, but there are many others on our roads visiting and passing through. These signs are very helpful to folks unfamiliar with the area, especially when behind an 18-wheeler or travel bus or RV, and the street signs hanging by the traffic lights can't be seen.

Myrtle Beach is growing fast. Again, like larger cities, we have streets with two different names on either side of a main thruway. Examples are Farrow Parkway and S.C. 707 at U.S. 17 Bypass; and Holmestown Road and Glenns Bay Road at U.S. 17 Bypass. These are two of our most busy and dangerous intersections. Signs alerting drivers of which road is on which side of the highway are very helpful and cautious - and becoming necessary.

I would love to see these signs at every intersection. This week, I was waiting in stalled traffic on S.C. 544. A New York driver (visitor?) wanting to turn left onto Big Block Road was in the right lane. He simply stopped until he could turn left. Needless to say, this caused not only traffic backing up but danger as drivers kept going around. Had this intersection displayed the street signs, the N.Y. driver would have had time to get in his desired proper lane. So these signs are definitely a safety plus.

Now, sir, I do agree with you on all of the signs being the "eyesore bright yellow." I love yellow, but why not make them less "gaudy" and use all beach colors! One intersection could have sunshine yellow signs; the next one, ocean blue; the next one tropical teal, etc.

The good Lord didn't provide everyone with a GPS in their brain, so signs are needed. Keep up the good work SC DOT.

Donna Blackwell

Myrtle Beach


Traffic signs reflective, helpful

I applaud the South Carolina Department of Transportation for the new intersection and stop signs. The signs are bright and reflective after dark. They can be observed before getting to the intersection. The old style street signs are barely visible even when stopped at the intersection. The new signs should help people who are not from the area see their turn before they get on top of it. Being a tourist area, this makes a lot of sense.

The safety factor alone makes the signs worth their color. Having operated emergency vehicles in unfamiliar areas I can appreciate knowing when an intersection is coming up that I would need to have turned.

State highway officials, please keep up the great efforts being used to make our area safer and more of a pleasure for driving.

Bill Kleinbach

Myrtle Beach