Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Bus service

Save RTA funds to repay bikers

Myrtle Beach and Horry County cannot afford to give away tax dollars to the RTA that it will need to repay bikers that were fined under its illegal helmet law that was just struck down by South Carolina's highest court.

They also need to keep those dollars and others to either pay or fight lawsuits that the city and county may well have to pay due to Mayor Rhodes mistake in trying to put himself above state laws.

Businesses like Studebaker's that he and the council put out of business while trying to hurt bikers may sue for their losses.

Charles McDaniels

Murrells Inlet

Big government

Helmets gone,

seat belts next

The helmet law in Myrtle Beach has recently been repealed. How is it that the government can regulate personal safety on one type of transportation and not another? A boater of legal age is not required to wear a life vest, a motorcycle driver of legal age is not required to wear a helmet; yet an automobile operator is required to wear a seat belt.

As shown in a recent publicity ad, non-seat belt users are nothing more than common law breakers. The seat belt law should never have been passed and should be repealed. Laws are set into place to protect me from others and others from me; not me from myself. The government should not be allowed to regulate personal safety.

The only reason the seat belt law is still on the books is because nobody has challenged it.

Jon-Casey Rowell

Myrtle Beach