Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach used event to cash in

What is up with Myrtle Beach anyway? The Memorial Day weekend was "Military Appreciation Days." Why were all of our military tents (Purple Heart, Wounded Warrior ) hidden across the bridge, over by the gym at The Market Common? Myrtle Beach used our "military" as a way to bring in money, only to put them out of contact with the public, while taking all the attention to the boardwalk and the businesses there. Myrtle Beach exploited our "fallen soldiers" only to bring in money for the city.

Why couldn't they celebrate Memorial Day the way it was meant to be celebrated? Our military was excluded from the weekend's events. I am disappointed in Myrtle Beach's council and the decision to put the military, and their tents, in the background and so far away from all the weekend's events on such a special holiday. Our younger generation should be learning what this day is all about, not being taught it is a big party and the beginning of a summer season. What are we, as parents and grandparents, if we forget to teach our children and grandchildren, that the ones who made this "day" and this "weekend "possible for us to be free had to sacrifice their lives to do that? It saddens me that we can't put aside one day to honor our "fallen soldiers" and to teach our children to cherish their freedom and pray for all who made our being here today possible. I personally would like to thank and say a prayer for all the men and women who lost their lives so that I can live mine. God bless.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.