Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Right needs to look at spending policy

As we are enter our political season we hear a great deal about conservative values, patriotism and fiscal responsibility. Conservatives are at the top of the tree of life and have no intention of coming down. Conservatives decry government spending that improves the lives of fellow citizens, while they turn a blind eye to $1 trillion in military spending, one-third of the national budget. Billions are spent by the Navy and Air Force when we are fighting an enemy that has neither. Military spending would be better spent on improved body armor, increased armor for troop carriers and rehabilitation for our wounded.

We recently celebrated the achievements of our World War II veterans who did their patriotic duty and fought for our country. We also know that when they returned from war they understood it was their patriotic duty to pay taxes for improved schools and infrastructure to make our country the greatest in the world.

Economic decisions are moral decisions; when we make them, let's be sure our moral compass is pointed in the right direction.

James A. Keller

Surfside Beach


Nibil's getting

short end of stick

Re Lib Thompson letter, "Nibil's provides fond memories," June 8:

Thompson asks, "Why change something that has meant so much to so many people?" The answer is twofold: greed and "a little home cookin'."

The town of Surfside Beach has gone on record as saying that their motivation for bidding out the lease on the pier is to make sure they get as much money out of the space as possible. That's nothing but bona fide greed. It doesn't appear that they could care less about Nibil's or their owners, the Cahills. Any other landlord (particularly in the current economy) would be renewing the lease in a heartbeat, with the current tenant - being thankful that they even have a tenant. But not Surfside Beach; they just want more money (don't get me started about the perverted parking situation at the pier.)

When the original bidding deadline came around six weeks ago, Nibil's was the only bidder. Fine - re-up the lease with them? Not good enough for the town. They insisted that the deadline should be extended due to some fairness/technical (aka made-up) reason. Enter bidder number two, a short time later. Does anybody else smell a rat?

I've never been much of a conspiracy theorist, but if the town of Surfside wants to prove us all wrong, Nibil's should have a new lease on the Pier come Jan. 1, 2011.

Mike Clise

Surfside Beach

On the line

No more political

phone calls, please

I'll vote for the candidate and/or the party that successfully develops legislation that will add telephone calls from political parties and candidates to the "Do Not Call" law. They have been unconscionably brutal this year.

Phillip Horak

Myrtle Beach

Border politics

Immigration laws

need enforcement

Re "Profiling allegations probed," June 5 article, about illegal immigration and the Justice Department's investigation of Sheriff Terry Johnson of Alamance County, N.C., for racial profiling

I have to keep asking, why would the Justice Department want to investigate a sheriff for just doing his job? I am at a total loss for any kind of a decent answer. This administration has decided that it does not want illegal aliens arrested in this country and we should just shut up and allow them to come in as they please, get free education, free health care, drive down our wages and steal our jobs, commit crimes, etc. At the end of the article there is a statement by Pablo Escobar, a member of El Pueblo, an advocacy group. He asked, "What's the root of the problem?" and answered himself, "It's a broken immigration system." My reply to him is the only thing broken about our immigration system is the total lack of enforcement throughout this country.

Jimmy Fant

Myrtle Beach


Vote for Moffly

in runoff

Please vote in the runoff, and vote for Elizabeth Moffly. Vote for someone who understands our children and is in touch with the real world of what is going on in our children's lives. After the primary runoff, the winner of the primary should be a shoo-in. The important decision will already have been made. So all of you lovely fellow citizens who don't vote in the primary, please come out. We need you. The runoff is crucial for the future of your children. Our children need Elizabeth Moffly as state superintendent of education. Please come out and support your children. Vote for Elizabeth Moffly. She doesn't live in an ivory tower. She lives in the real world, knows our needs and will make a difference for your children.

Patricia G. Milley