Letters to the Editor

Bikers, joggers: Stay out of road

I am aware of the state's law allowing for bicycle travel on our roads (Share the Road) even when there is no room for their safe operation and their very presence creates numerous safety hazards for motorists and bicyclers as well.

Note that when there is no shoulder or bike lane, their "legal" presence forces motorists to make "illegal" adjustments by crossing the solid double yellow lines and into the oncoming traffic lane. This makes little sense to me, but I guess the law is the law, and until the bike lane is finished, Kings River Road will continue to be a disaster waiting to happen again. Assuming the cyclists will actually use the bike lane.

Now we have joggers (around 30-plus runners) running on Wilbrook Boulevard early in the morning, most times before sunup and right down the middle of the traffic lanes. I have seen this four or five times myself. Insanity?

At 6:15 a.m. June 5, I saw a group of about 40 joggers blocking the right-turn lane and the entrance to the Pig. They were having a meeting. When heading back home, there they were, running in the middle of the traffic lane heading toward the Reserve, and all this with a jogging/bicycle lane some 50 feet from the road that would put them safely out of harm's way. At least this time the sun was up.

What is their thought process? Will it take someone's accidental death to show them what their common sense should have already told them?

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.