Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Rally revenue

Where are the numbers and stats?

It would be interesting to know, during the rally period, has the city, county and state revenue declined? What are the numbers? The same applies to neighboring communities that welcomed bikers. Did their revenues to governments increase or decrease? Was it a wash?

Number of hotels, motels, inns, eateries and businesses that have closed because of lack of traffic? Number of jobs lost?

What is the break even point for hotels, motels and inns? Percent of occupancy has no meaning if you are unaware of the break even point. How much has it cost the city, local hospitals, etc. to protect life and property the past two years compared to previous years? How valid is the statement that the loss of two weeks' revenue is the cause of a business failure? Does the recession fit into the equation?

The cause of less traffic is attributed to the helmet and noise ordinance.

Can one conclude this attitude is likened to the child who has a ball and bat and if not given a chance to bat first, he or she will take the ball and bat and stay away from the ball field?

Charles A. Launi

Myrtle Beach

Seven deadlies

Talk to your God about your issues

Heaven is filled with ordinary slobs, because:

(1) God wills it. He would never create his human family for hell.

(2) We were born with the "7 Deadly Sins" and commit our share through weakness, not malice. God will never condemn a human being for being human.

(3) While walking through life we meet hell on Earth wearing 100 different faces. This suffering atones for our sins 1,000 times over.

The "7 Deadlies" are pride, greed, lust, rage, gluttony, jealousy and laziness. I will die with pride, lust, gluttony and laziness; how about you? If we don't control our sins, they will control us. Most people lead decent lives. I've never known a real evil person, though I read about them every day.

All are familiar with the list of suffering: e.g. money problems, crushing debts, cares, responsibilities, hard work, lost jobs, family friction, straying kids, sickness, early deaths of loved ones, depression, fear of the future, your own sickness and final "leap in the dark" death. Tell God about your misery (it's called prayer) and listen for his whispered answer, "I know, I know, but trust me anyway, till we meet face to face. Amen!"

Tom Dunn

Murrells Inlet

Phoning, driving

Lawmakers should adopt cell phone ban

Re Philip G. Labasi letter, "Stop all cell phone use by drivers," May 29:

Labasi was right on target in his call to ban all cell phone use while driving. I find that it is the rare driver who does not have a cell phone held to her/his ear and is actively engaged in conversation.

Navigating the roads in South Carolina is difficult enough.

Cell phone users add another risk factor to the process.

What did these people do before cell phones? Hopefully, the politicians in Columbia will step up to the plate, and do the right thing, namely ban their use while driving.

Peggy Harkins

Murrells Inlet

Oil spill

Obama tossed tar ball back onto beach

Due to the heat of the country's voters, President Obama finally visited Louisiana. His speech the night before stated that he takes ownership due to his daughter, who interrupted him while shaving and said, "Daddy, did you plug the hole?" It is sad we have to come to terms that when the entire country asked about the oil crisis we were ignored until his daughter shed the light. The next time a major problem arises, the country needs to have his daughter's phone number so the country can call her to have her speak to daddy to take ownership. The beach he visited was cleaned up in advance to promote a more positive image. He also picked up a tar ball to examine, and instead of putting it in the trash, he tossed it back onto the beach. Does this look like someone who cares?

Pat Gehm