Letters to the Editor

21-day setup conquers addiction

Attention, smokers:

Now that cigarettes have gone up 50 cents a pack you might want to quit.

Here's a system created by physicians who worked with drug addicts and applied their treatment methods to their own smoking habits. It worked for them, and it worked for me.

1. It's based on research that shows physical addictions tend to disappear after 21 days. So pick a date 21 days in advance. That will be your "Quit Day.

2. Begin a daily journal listing the reasons you want to quit. Keep adding to the list or reviewing it daily for 21 days. This helps you deal with the psychological addiction and support your resolve.

3. Immediately change brands to your least favorite; be sure it's filtered.

4. Do not smoke for an hour after arising in the morning, an hour after meals and an hour before bed. Smoke as much as you want between times.

5. When Q Day comes, you quit. Start a new journal listing all the benefits you are beginning to notice: saving money, feeling healthier in your chest, etc. Keep adding to the list for 21 more days. The two journal lists will deal with the psychological addiction.

Good luck. Whatever your struggle I guarantee it will be worth it.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.