Letters to the Editor

Why can't area handle four days?

It's only four days, Memorial weekend. Four days out of 365 days a year. Four days for a group of people to come together for fun, to show who is the best, to show camaraderie.

My question is: Who gets to have the other 361 days? Those who vacation those other 361 days don't hear us fussing.

We should not have to ask to vacation in Myrtle Beach. We are Americans, too.

We are not asking for anything more than four days in May. And those four days take everything most of those bikers have to come to the beach.

Why can't we enjoy ourselves as others do? Now I hate to speak on color, because this little space I occupy is color blind. And I guess because I'm not a biker I'm not looked at that way, as bikers are. I drove down Ocean Boulevard. I saw barriers up saying "no bikers." And that's good. I guess everyone has the right to say no.

But if Atlantic Beach had the accommodations to house the bikers, someone would be vying for those dollars. They would be advertising to get some of that money. If Atlantic Beach was able to rent enough rooms to house every biker there, they would find another reason to interfere or stop it.

I also hate to say "hate." But what else could it be, the way some of the people in this town act toward the bikers? I have been down there and spoken to the police who gather to stop violence in Atlantic Beach. Most of them say it's really a deterrent because nothing really happens. How bad are these four days?

I know we say we are complaining because of trash, and naked women, loud noise. But let's get real.

I've seen some of those back streets in Myrtle Beach after a big weekend, and it wasn't only blacks partying.

Spring break is another week that trash is out of control. At the end of Third Avenue South it used to be so bad the police were called. And it was not blacks. But we didn't boycott spring break. They still come and act a fool but get away with it, climbing on rooftops, running around, yelling all hours of night.

Give me a break, people. There is always someone who wants to complain. And the worst of it, there is always someone who wants to join the complaining.

We need to step back, adults, and take a good look at our kids. They seem to get along regardless. It's us, people, us, and it is not those bikers, white or black. It's four days, people. Four days.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.