Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Drilling at sea

Environmentalists spurred disaster

The biased media is blaming BP for the oil spill that is destined to pollute our shores for years to come. The blame is politically misplaced. The blame rests solely on the environmentalists.

Had the weak-kneed politicians just said no to the demands of the environmentalists we would be drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, creating a ton of jobs and reducing America's dependency on foreign oil. But instead the environmentalists successfully prevented oil drilling on land and reluctantly agreed to off-shore oil drilling, creating the potential for major devastation that has become a reality.

Had we been drilling on land rather than in the sea for these many years, we would not be $3 trillion in debt. We would be self-sufficient, no longer dependent on our enemies to supply our oil needs. Unemployment would be negligible.

Another idiotic environmental ban is taking place in California, which is becoming a dust bowl because environmental activists have convinced politicians and judges to shut off water distribution to farms for the sole purpose of protecting a fish.

And here we stand by, idle and silent, watching this insanity continue.

Jack Brandmahl

Myrtle Beach

Surfside eatery

Nibils provides fond memories

In 1962, my husband and I purchased a house on the front row at Surfside Beach. Later, we bought two additional houses for rental property. During the past 48 years, I have seen many changes in Surfside Beach.

It has upset me to see Nibils, the restaurant at the pier, up for bid. My family and I, along with our many friends, have supported this restaurant for more than 20 years. We have also highly recommended it to our many renters. They have always enjoyed the restaurant as much as we have.

Nibils is owned and operated by a family who welcomes us back each year and seems to care about us and not just about the money they receive. Not only does Nibils have good food and a wonderful view, there is a feeling of warmth there. Renters, who come back each year at the same time, have a reunion of fun and fellowship at the restaurant. The Cahills, who own the restaurant, know many of our renters by their names and always make them feel so welcome.

Why change something that has meant so much to so many people?

Lib Thompson



Politicians hop on parade bandwagon

As a veteran and an Horry County resident I was pleased to watch the Memorial Day parade on May 29. It was heartwarming to see the veterans of World War II. I was happy we have so many. The bands were enthusiastic if not very good at marching, and the color guard was very good. Buzz Aldrin was a terrific grand marshal. It was a good idea to honor those who served and sacrificed for us. They should never be forgotten.

The only distraction from the otherwise praiseworthy memorial was the presence of so many office-seeking politicians pandering for votes. Not many actually served their country when needed, and I doubt they were really in the parade to honor those who did. They use military events to demonstrate their brand of patriotism, like camp followers living off those who sacrifice.

Being part of the military isn't a prerequisite for political office, but this was not the right place for electioneering. It was to honor our war dead.

Bob Sandow

Myrtle Beach


Drivers can't cope with distractions

Re Philip G. Labasi letter, "Stop all cell phone use by drivers," May 29:

Stop, stop, stop this stupidity as quickly as possible. How many have to be maimed or killed by an inattentive driver before the state decides to do anything? I recently saw a driver with the phone caught between his shoulder and mouth and a sandwich in his other hand. Now, think about it. He is trying to concentrate on his phone call, eat his sandwich and drive. Do you really think his mind was on driving? No one has a brain that smart. I realize there are those who do repair work, lawn services, etc, who need to keep in touch with their offices, but what did they do before cell phones? They, like others, can pull into a parking lot and touch base with their offices or return phone calls. We have message boxes for more than one reason. So, Columbia, since we are already near or at the bottom of the list of states for road crashes, doesn't it behoove you to take some measures to improve that score? My life may depend on it.

Lou Ellis

Myrtle Beach