Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

County council

McKown's reputation, service are notable

I have the honor of knowing Bill McKown for several years and feel he is the most qualified candidate. While Bill has been working building several businesses in our community that employ several people, he has also been building a reputation in our community as an honest, hardworking man. With his busy schedule he has found time to give back to the community through various charitable causes. In addition to being active at church, Bill has found time to serve as chairman of the Horry County Advisory Board, vice chairman of the State Aeronautics Commission, chairman of the American Red Cross Heroes program, to the Grand Strand Area Transportation study. Bill is my neighbor and a good friend. I hope you will cast your vote for Bill McKown as I and my wife will Tuesday.

Mike Wilson

Surfside Beach

District 5

McKown represents constituent's views well

Bill McKown for several reasons is the most qualified candidate for Horry County District 5. For one, Bill has served as one of our council members here in Surfside Beach for four years. When he was on the council he always voted the way I would have. He looks out for the community. He always returns calls and gets involved with the issues that concerned me and my family when in question. Second, as a fellow Republican, we both believe in less government and lower taxes. Bill is a property rights advocate and has always looked out for us here in Surfside Beach. His voting record shows he is fiscally responsible when it comes to managing taxpayers' monies. He is the only candidate who can start working for us the first day without missing a beat. Please vote Bill McKown.

Bill Doggett

Surfside Beach


Serving with McKown gives view on ideas

I am writing in support of Bill McKown. I served four years on Town Council in Surfside Beach with McKown. He was valuable member who served the citizens of Surfside Beach with conservative and professional ideas. McKown is the guy we need representing our interests in Conway.

Join me in voting for Bill McKown for County Council District 5

Sammy Truett

Surfside Beach

S.C. House

Viers has right views on taxes, immigration

Our S.C. House representative for District 68, Republican Thad Viers, has proven himself to be a man of dedication.

He has implemented many conservative principles and values for the betterment of his constituents. He wants taxes lowered. Viers has fought hard against illegal immigration in Horry County, recommending that our local government take full action and enforcement against illegal immigrants taking available jobs from our citizens.

He is pro-education and believes in school choice and vouchers, giving parents more options in their children's education. Thad believes in less government intrusion and more personal control over our lives.

Viers has worked tirelessly for District 68. He remains loyal, committed and a beacon of conservative principles. Please re-elect Thad Viers in the election Tuesday. He is a proven leader who cares deeply about Horry County and the people of South Carolina.

Charlene E. Johnson

Myrtle Beach


Rice is right for Horry County

You have an important choice Tuesday - which of two men to pick for county chairman.

We are now last of the 334 largest counties in America in average income. The County Council has been in conflict for six years.

Your choices are Tom Rice, Horry County native, businessman, tax attorney and CPA; and Howard Barnard, sitting six-year councilman, a retired colonel.

Rice has had to employ and write checks and pay people.

Barnard was on the government payroll giving orders and spending taxpayer money.

Rice has worked with companies and advises them how to be profitable.

Barnard spent the taxpayers' money ($61 million on the airport), and county employees are taking a pay cut because Horry County is in serious debt.

Factories at Loris, Conway and Aynor sit vacant. Carolina Forest gets the scraps.

Horry County needs a new leader who works with all county councilmen, who leads the council as a team, who will benefit all of Horry County, who will curb runaway government spending. That man is Tom Rice.

Randle Stevens

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach

Voters rejected McKown's 'honesty'

I was provided with a good chuckle from Ari A. Pieniek's June 2 letter in support of Bill McKown for County Council in District 5, which the Surfside Beach. Pieniek emphasized McKown's honesty.

As you recall, it was McKown, a Surfside Beach resident, who tried to run for Senate District 28 two years ago against Sen. Dick Elliott. Many Republicans crossed party lines and voted for Elliott, and McKown was thoroughly trounced. We knew McKown didn't live in the district and McKown's campaign was replete with negative campaigning that impugned the senator's honesty and integrity. The voters of Senate District 28 were not fooled by McKown.

Wake up, Council District 5, and reject McKown just as we did. Our tax dollars in Conway need to be handled by people who are truly honest, not Bill McKown.

Roy Worley Jr.

Little River

S.C. House

Hardwick is conservative, rival isn't

I am a strong supporter of incumbent Nelson Hardwick, House District 106. I have lived in his district most of my life and I had known Hardwick long before his political career started. I believed him to be an honorable Christian man. He has always been there for the people of this community as a representative, businessman, neighbor and friend. Hardwick has been true to his word in representing this district.

As with any choice in life we have to make, I look at all of my choices here during election time. I decided to look at Hardwick's opponent, Mande Wilkes. When I first started to Google Wilkes I was startled when I came across some of her blogs and photographs. Wilkes claims to be a "conservative voice" for the people. After looking into this candidate she appears far from conservative.

I encourage everyone to look into all of your candidates. I hope that after doing so, you will find Hardwick the only choice for House District 106.

Kari J. Collins

Murrells Inlet