Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

County chairman

Barnard shows qualities in life

For over 30 years, I have known Howard Barnard. He is a man of conviction, courage and integrity who leads by example, whose word is his bond.

I have watched continuously Howard demonstrate these qualities

when we flew together as Air Force fighter pilots

when we together worked to establish the Wright Flight incentive program for middle school students in Horry County

when we built a coalition of concerned Horry and Georgetown County citizens to establish a hurricane evacuation route for the South Strand

when he led our Rotary Club volunteers to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

when he led the charge for Ride II road projects, keeping every promise he made to us, the residents of District 5.

I encourage the citizens of Horry County to vote for this man of conviction, courage, integrity and experience. On Tuesday elect Howard Barnard chairman of the Horry County Council.

Edsel J. "Coupe" De Ville

Surfside Beach

'Real people'

Price best qualified for service to Horry

There are three candidates running in the Republican primary for the County Council seat of District 5. Paul Price is the only one really qualified for the job. He is not one of the "professional politicians" you see running every time there is an open seat. He has never run for public office but now feels a need to serve the people here in Horry County. While the others were out campaigning for some office he was in the military or in service as a trooper in the S.C. Highway Patrol.

Paul has the intelligence, integrity and work ethics to fill this position. It's time we stand up for the people who have given so much of their lives to protect and serve. Your vote for Paul Price will help to restore confidence in local government and send a message to the "professionals" that their time is up. We want real people working for us. We want out government back.

Please vote for Paul Price on Tuesday.

Anne Williams

Surfside Beach

District 8

Schwartzkopf offers good answers

After reading the article on the candidates running for County Council District 8, it is obvious the person with clear, concise answers and realistic solutions for problems within Horry County is Carl Schwartzkopf. He knows the answers and is ready to carry out policies that will improve the quality of life for persons living in our County. In addition, he is readily available and willing to make this his full time job. Re-elect Schwartzkopf for a dedicated councilman.

Anita Moran



Support Price, a true patriot, for council

There are few times when you have the opportunity to vote for a true patriot. Almost always you are left with a choice between professional politicians. People who will promise anything just to get your vote. People who have run time and again, wasted fortunes trying to get elected and failed. This time you have a clear choice. His name is Paul Price. He has never run for public office. The only reason he is doing so now is because he believes that he can really make a difference in our local politics, that just plain old logic can bring some basic improvements in the way our County Council does its business and spends our money.

Please consider Paul Price for Horry County Council in District 5. Your support will really be appreciated.

Ron Saunders

Surfside Beach

House member

Viers succeeds with determination

I have known Thad Viers for several years and want to take a minute to reflect on this young man's determination, qualifications and ability to lead. Thad grew up in Socastee in Ammons Mobile Home Park. Though he didn't grow up with a lot of money, he did have a loving family. Through sheer determination, he was able to pay for his college at the Citadel through scholarships and hard work. Nothing was handed to him. He graduated and then became a field rep for U.S. Rep. Henry Brown. He than ran for the state House and won at a young age. Then against the odds, he obtained a law degree from the University of South Carolina. Growing up without much never deterred this young man from taking responsibility and determination to better himself.

I love success stories like this. Thad defied the odds against him to better himself. We need more men and women like him in public service who can be an active voice of individual freedom, personal responsibility and conservatism. Please join me in re-electing this conservative and qualified individual.

Mark Lazarus

Myrtle Beach

U.S. House

Elect Lutz for unity, smart spending

Voters have an opportunity to elect a new congressman. It's vital that we choose wisely. With President Obama pushing us dangerously close to socialism and liberals in control of the House and Senate, this may be our only chance to have a direct impact on the future of America. Eight of the GOP candidates promise voters in each county they'll "bring home the bacon," the behavior that got us into this trouble. Mark Lutz speaks honestly and offers a comprehensive plan. His Citizens Contract calls for drastic cuts in spending, eliminating earmarks/special interests, implementing term limits, replacing the IRS with the Fair Tax and more. A business owner not a politician, he also knows he can't make changes alone so he's calling for freshmen conservatives to go to Washington. Tuesday, vote Mark Lutz.

Thomas K. Herron

Surfside Beach

County Council

Team player Rice is right choice

If you read the political bios of Horry County Council chairman candidates Tom Rice and Howard Barnard, there is one thing that glares out in those bios. Barnard consistently said I, I, I, I, while Tom Rice said "we." Who will be the team leader? It is definitely Tom Rice. Six years of arguing on County Council by Barnard shows we need new leadership; saying "I did this" and "I did that" shows arrogance.

What "we the people" need in this county is someone who can lead "we the council." That someone is Tom Rice. He understands that an "I" can't get things done, while a "we," a "team player" and a "team leader" can build a "winning team" for the "we the people" of Horry County. Let's vote for the new coach, Tom Rice and make Horry County the winning team. Then the people win.

Harry Jacobs

Murrells Inlet

At attention

Schwartzkopf 'treats people like family'

I personally know Carl Schwartzkopf's reputation for helping people with their concerns. He treats people like family and takes care of his constituents in District 8. Not only does he deal with problems within District 8, but residents from other districts have heard of his prompt attention and don't hesitate to contact him. Why trade in a dedicated public servant with a known track record? Re-elect Carl Schwartzkopf for County Council.

Ken Vanderlei


S.C. House

Viers is champion for Horry taxpayers

There are only 22 senators and representatives that the Club for Growth considers to be taxpayer champions, and only one of those individuals lives in Horry County: Rep. Thad Viers. These individuals, especially Viers, should be applauded for opposing the pressure to increase taxes and government spending during these challenging times. Even more impressive, Thad is the only Horry County representative to receive an A rating by the Club for Growth.

Thad has consistently said he does not support tax increases or "big" government. Thad has a documented record of his efforts and ambitions, which have proven to be effective in Columbia. Thad's consistent and courageous stance in the face of adversity is telling of his character and dedication, and his experience is necessary to best serve Horry County. Please re-elect Thad Viers to the House to fortify our conservative voices in Columbia.

C. Lauren Bessinger

Myrtle Beach

County council

Schwartzkopf has

good experience

We are supporting Carl Schwartzkopf as our District 8 County Council representative.

Carl does not owe his vote to anyone. His makes his decisions based on what's best for our county and our district.

Carl has walked District 8 and met many of his constituents. He runs a very thrifty campaign - you can't buy his vote. Carl's life's experiences, from the military to owning and managing a business to teaching, have made him able to make good, responsible decisions.

Our vote goes for Carl Schwartzkopf and we hope yours does, too, Tuesday.

Ronald and Chris