Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Choose candidates

backed by tea party

It is so very important that voters get out to the polls next Tuesday. We must stop this outrageous government spending and rewarding bad behavior.

We need new representatives of integrity to save our Constitution instead of shredding it. The European debt crisis was caused by bailouts and socialism making promises that could never be kept. Our national debt just crossed $13 trillion or $118,000 per taxpayer. Our debt is accelerating faster than your children on a Myrtle Beach water slide. We need to freeze spending and start cutting it so that we don't go back to the 18-20 percent interest rates of the Carter administration.

Vote for the Myrtle Beach Tea Party-endorsed candidates: Nikki Haley, governor; Bill Connor, lieutenant governor; Kelly Payne, superintendent of education; "Constitution" Larry Kobrovsky, Congress; Thad Viers, State House 68; and Joe DeFeo, School Board District 3.

Joe Dugan



Rice brings folks

together for cause

I believe the election for Horry County Chairman is one of the most important political races we have Tuesday. Tom Rice is the right man at the right time to lead our county into the future. Tom is not only a successful businessman who knows what it is like to have to make a payroll, he also understands the importance of working with others to make our community better. One example of this is his involvement with the Myrtle Beach Haven, the only shelter in Myrtle Beach that can accommodate homeless families. Tom has spent 20 years working on the board of the Haven and in that time, was the leader and driving force in bringing together people throughout the community to build a modern facility that will house over 50 people in need. That's leadership.

As a tax attorney, Tom has had to mediate differences between all types of parties to help them reach a resolution that was agreeable to all. This unique set of qualities is what our new chairman needs to bring together both council members and municipalities within Horry County for the good of our citizens.

Steve Carter

Myrtle Beach

Speak up

Don't let DOT get away

with ugly signs

For years I have applauded the efforts of volunteers and the business community to beautify the U.S. 17 Bypass median. I have also criticized the appearance and number of unattractive S.C. Department of Transportation signs.

They have just now erected the ugliest highway signs I have ever seen all over Horry County at major intersections. They are an eyesore because they are oversized, overly bright with yellow reflecting posts, and they are unnecessary. We already have the street signs, and I don't need a sign to tell me there is a stoplight ahead. I can see it. These big gaudy signs are a dangerous, unsightly distraction and an insulting waste of money.

Please call your state elected officials and current candidates to demand that these signs be removed and placed in the offices of our state highway officials as penance for their sin. And that would include our S.C. DOT District 1 Rep. Danny Isaac.

Dick Withington

Myrtle Beach


Despite media, Kobrovsky

is best candidate

Voters should make their own choices rather than allowing the news media and emcees of political events to narrow the slate of candidates. Media sources have continued to show preferential treatment and remind us of family connections. One Republican Party official even referred to six of the Republicans in the 1st Congressional race as "second tier candidates." All candidates should be treated equally and with respect. It is time to make an informed choice. Remember that the number of campaign signs and the frequency of TV ads only show us who has the most money. Money and familiar names should not be the defining criteria.

The best candidate for Congress is Larry Kobrovsky. He displays a level of integrity and a passion and sincerity in his speaking and his actions that cannot be surpassed. He has a practical, working knowledge of the Constitution and has successfully defended its principles in his practice of Constitutional law. He will defend Constitutional principles in Washington. We need "Constitution Larry."

Pat McClellan


District 106

Wilkes, 'a fresh face,' takes action to fix what's wrong

Mande Wilkes, a fresh face in state politics, has impressed me. When grilled on the issues, Wilkes demonstrates complete understanding of the issues that we face. Rather than merely complaining about the way things are, Wilkes has stepped up to the plate to repair the failed status quo. She'll surely be bold, spirited and principled representation for District 106. I encourage all District 106 residents to support Mande Wilkes.

Jack Monroe

Myrtle Beach