Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

District 5

Price has right outlook for Horry

Many in Horry County will argue about what future changes should be made to enhance growth.

If you believe as I, that there is a difference between quality of life and prosperity at any cost; I hope you will join me in supporting Paul Price for Horry County Council District 5 on Tuesday.

Paul, a dedicated citizen yet a reluctant politician, is a retired military and S.C. highway patrol officer. He could live a quiet and content life without the stresses of an election campaign and four years of duty on council. However, that is not who Paul Price is. He has offered himself up for election to office because he believes, as do I, that we need a person of high moral standard and strong attributes with the willingness to fight for residents of District 5. He is a man of great integrity.

Paul has an excellent grasp of the problems and challenges of the office he seeks. He is approachable and friendly, intelligent, hardworking and dedicated. He will make an exemplary council member.

John S. Springs

Murrells Inlet

S.C. House

Wilkes is fresh choice in primary

Mande Wilkes is a common-sense conservative and she will serve District 106 well. She's ready to bring vitality and renewed representation to the South Strand. It's time we get rid of out-of-touch incumbents who have become corrupted by the system. Mande Wilkes is the right person at the right time. She will consistently fight to make sure that her constituents' voices are heard. I'm ready for fresh representation, so I'm voting for Mande Wilkes on June 8.

David Ward

Myrtle Beach

County Council

McKown has assets, experience to lead

We have a very important election Tuesday that will determine who will lead the South Strand on Horry County Council. I considered running for the District 5 seat being vacated by Howard Barnard; however, after I found out that my good friend Bill McKown was running, I decided to pull out and throw my support behind him. Bill has the experience from his tenure on Surfside Beach Town Council and on the state aeronautics board to lead this county forward.

He has over the years built relationships with local lawmakers, and most importantly knows what it means to sign the front of a check as a successful small businessman.

We have many issues facing us in the upcoming four years: property tax reassessments, recruiting industry and jobs to Horry County, airport expansion, the 1 percent capital projects sales tax for road construction will end. Therefore we need someone who will ensure what was slated to be done is done, and that the funding for I-73 is obtained and started. We cannot afford to have someone who needs "training wheels." I ask you to join with me in voting for Bill McKown on Tuesday.

Frank Causey

Surfside Beach


Moffly's answers most cost-effective

I'm supporting Elizabeth Moffly for S.C. Superintendent of Education. Beyond party affiliation, she is simply the best person to whom to entrust the education of our young people.

She is the only candidate for the position who entered the race with a fully developed platform. None of her solutions will cost money; rather they will save money and reallocate existing funds for better results.

She has a plan that will offer students two routes to a high school diploma: college prep and vocational education. As of 2010, South Carolina is the only state that only offers a college-prep diploma for graduation from high school.

Only 25 percent of lottery money goes to secondary school. Only 44 cents of every education budget dollar reaches the classroom. The issues that face our secondary schools can be remedied by an audit and reallocation of lottery money funding.

Our children's education is too important to entrust to one party or another - it should be entrusted to someone who is passionate about education and someone ready to put that passion into action. Please support Elizabeth Moffly in the Republican primary Tuesday.

David G. Jaspers



Rice offers qualities, accountability

Horry County needs a man like Tom Rice. I know him as well as anyone; he has been my friend since we were children. We went to the same schools, church, and we even roomed together at the University of South Carolina. I asked him why he would want the job of Horry County Council chairman. His reply: "I want to help our county."

Those of you who know Tom will certainly agree he is a very patient, kind, intelligent man who has a unique gift for bringing people together. For those of you who don't know him, you will see once elected the very same.

We need Tom Rice for accountability, transparency and leadership for our council. He is the best man for the job. On Tuesday, please vote Tom Rice for Horry County Council chairman.

Don Watson

Briarcliffe Acres


Moffly offers good plan, passion

I listened with interest May 25 in Florence to Mick Zais' recount of his exploits over the years. While impressive, it occurs that they are irrelevant to the task at hand. The position of superintendent of education deals exclusively with S.C. public education of K-12 children. I failed to hear his plan to improve S.C. education.

Elizabeth Moffly's entire experience in education has been in K-12. She is a first-hand student of the subject, its problems and issues.

Moreover, she offers a very specific, detailed and practical four-plank initiative to improve our children's educational experience and slow the terrible high school drop-out rate. It can be seen at her website, www.VoteMoffly.com. For those interested in improving the schooling of South Carolina youth, it is well worth reading and absorbing.

Moffly's passion is intensely focused on the quality of K-12 education. Additionally, she does not view the position as a staging area for a run for governor.

I encourage your vote for Elizabeth Moffly for Superintendent of Education in the Republican primary on June 8.

John Holmgren



McKown shows genuine interest

I first met Bill McKown when I returned from Iraq serving as a financial officer. It was at a sub restaurant in Surfside Beach we were introduced. My first impression? "Great, another politician going to promise me Shangri-la." But then he spoke; he asked all about me and what I wanted to do. He conveyed his thoughts to me; though very business-oriented in his answers, he explained how policies affected us all. There was no political advantage to knowing me, so I knew his interest in me was genuine. And what I learned in the military is this, people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. That's Bill.

And P.S., that conversation took place in a car ... my ride never came, and guess who took me home.

On Tuesday, let's elect the right leader for the right job. That leader is Bill.

Capt. Scott Perez

Myrtle Beach