Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Ignore dirty campaign

by Chellis' rival

Converse Chellis is running for state treasurer. I know the man very well. For over 30 years we have hunted and fished together. We have owned property together. He is a man of strong conviction. He is a good Christian, a man of integrity and principle. It's disturbing to me that his opponent has launched a vicious attack on this honest man and is mangling the truth about him and his record.

His opponent says Chellis is a "career politician." What a distortion. Converse has been a "career accountant." He quit private practice only when he became treasurer. The opponent also claims that Chellis spent a large amount of taxpayer funds on TV ads promoting himself. This is also untrue. Anyone who saw those ads is aware that the entire purpose was to promote the S.C. 529 College Savings Plan.

Who would you rather have as your treasurer, a man whose qualifications seem to be owning a pest control business, or a trustworthy CPA? My choice is the man who has an unblemished career of 40 years dealing with money and numbers.

Sam Cothran Jr.



Barrett has experience

needed at the top

We must all go to the polls Tuesday and vote for many candidates. The governor's race is one of the most important races this month. We need a candidate with experience, and the only person who comes to mind is Gresham Barrett. Gresham has experience; he has proven to all he is a leader and a tough one. We need a governor who will work hard to bring jobs to South Carolina. We need a governor who understands the importance of small businesses. That candidate is definitely Gresham Barrett. He's who our state needs to help turn around our economy and put South Carolinians back to work.

I support Gresham Barrett, and I hope you will also.

Cleo Steele

North Myrtle Beach

Attorney general

Lord impresses

in GOP candidacy

On Tuesday, voters will go to the polls to select a Republican candidate for S.C. attorney general to run against a Democratic opponent in November. I am supporting Leighton Lord because I believe he is very well-qualified and is a man of true integrity who could serve South Carolina very well if elected. His unique experience, both serving in Washington as a Republican counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Investigations, and currently heading up one of South Carolina's largest law firms, makes him very well-qualified to be S.C. attorney general. We have three qualified GOP candidates seeking that nomination, but in meeting with and talking to Leighton Lord on several occasions, I believe him to be by far the best candidate for that job. I fully endorse him for attorney general Tuesday and ask voters to check Leighton out for themselves, then cast their votes.

Dick Steele

North Myrtle Beach

District 106

Replace out-of-touch

leader with Wilkes

Out with the old and in with the new in District 106. Our representative is as out of touch as everybody else in Columbia. It's time for somebody fresh. I believe Mande Wilkes is the person our community needs. I was very impressed that Wilkes called me directly to ask for my vote. We spoke for several minutes, and I felt she sincerely listened to my concerns. I feel confident that Wilkes is the right representative for us. She will lead with vitality, and that will serve us well. I'll be voting for Mande Wilkes on Tuesday, and you all should do the same.

Doris Fletcher

Myrtle Beach

District 5

Elect McKown to keep

up level of service

As a resident of Horry County District 5 I've been represented well by Howard Barnard, and hope that he prevails in the election for chairman so he can continue to do so in that capacity. To ensure that we continue to receive the kind of dedication to service, professionalism, and intelligence we've come to expect here in District 5, we should elect Bill McKown as our council representative.

Bill has the right blend of public service, political experience, education and business acumen to represent South Strand taxpayers. Most candidates make promises, but I like to examine a record of accomplishment. In today's tumultuous economic climate, we need a proven performer. Bill has legislative/representative experience on Surfside Town Council; he's created and managed successful businesses and met payrolls; he's worked with local, state and federal government infrastructure on the Horry County Airport Advisory Committee and S.C. Aeronautics Commission.

Kim Frederick

Surfside Beach


McMaster's sovereignty tack

is wrong for state

Henry McMaster's campaign stresses the sovereignty of South Carolina. Sovereignty, defined as self-governing, independent, would imply South Carolina is completely independent of our central federal government and the attributes/contributions of our other 49 states.

For this to be, South Carolina would need to act as a separate country. South Carolina and its citizens must refute, deny and return all aid, funds, guidance and personnel emanating from our federal government and other states.

That would mean South Carolina must not/cannot accept any federal matching funds, disaster aid, interstate construction/maintenance funds, bailouts and other federal funding. Our citizens must not apply/accept funds from our federal government - Social Security, Medicare, flood insurance, disaster relief, and any other federal program that provides any aid including agricultural subsidies.

Are we prepared to follow McMaster and other gubernatorial candidates down this disastrous road? We tried this before, we were driven to the edge of ruin, and we lost. Have we not learned?

Joanne Hafter