Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Horry Council

Rice has right qualities for chairman

The citizens of Horry County would be wise to elect Tom Rice chairman for County Council.

I have had the pleasure of knowing him for the past 35 years. We attended school together, our children have grown up together, and I consider him a very dear friend.

Tom's many fine qualities include kindness, patience, intelligence and compassion for his fellow man. These are the qualities we need in our elected officials.

He has acted as my attorney in a very professional and efficient manner including assisting with my late father's estate, where his knowledge of tax law and estate planning became apparent to me in an impressive and profound manner.

Tina Yates

North Myrtle Beach

District 5

McKown showed true leadership on panel

I met Bill McKown a few months before I left my position as vice chairman of the Horry County Airport Advisory Committee. Initially, McKown and I did not agree on many issues regarding the airport. Then he was elected by the members as the new chairman of the Airport Advisory Committee. It was then I observed McKown in action. As the chairman, he showed his real capabilities as a leader. He managed the activities of the Advisory Committee with confidence. He always asked the right questions and was always mindful of costs related not only to the operations of the airport, but also to airport projects, such as the construction of the new General Aviation Terminal, well as to the schedules and costs related to the planning of the new passenger terminal.

In recognition of his leadership capabilities, his work ethics, and honesty, he was also elected to the S.C. Aeronautics Commission where he serves now as the vice chairman.

Electing McKown to the County Council will provide District 5 with a hard-working, honest representative and Horry County with a valuable asset, with a man who has proven experienced in management and fiscal responsibility. On Tuesday, please vote for Bill McKown.

Ari A. Pieniek

Myrtle Beach

Money manager

Rice is motivated to serve community

In this election for chairman of Horry County Council, we have the rare opportunity to elect a true leader and statesman - my friend Tom Rice.

I have known Tom since grammar school. After school, he worked for a prestigious accounting firm in Charlotte, N.C., and then returned to his native Myrtle Beach to practice tax law. He has been very successful over the years, not only with his law practice, but with his investments in real estate.

When Tom decided to run for the chairman's seat, I asked why he would want to take on that position and its headaches. He doesn't need the money or recognition. His reply did not surprise me because I know the kind of man he is. He answered, as he often does, "I'm the most blessed person you will ever meet!" and that he wanted to give more to his community.

This is Tom's first run for political office. He has no political agenda other than to see our county prosper. He knows how to manage money and not just ask for more tax dollars. Tom Rice is the man we need to lead our county, especially in these challenging times.

Ted Hucks



Hardwick has served constituents well

I wish to highly recommend Nelson Hardwick for re-election in the coming race. Our family has known Hardwick for over 20 years and have found him to be a dedicated, honest, hardworking person who is deeply involved and interested in the progress and welfare of his constituency in the Surfside Beach and neighboring area.

For many years he has given many hours to his church, his friends and neighbors, and he has gained the highest esteem of many of his friends and neighbors.

For this reason, I hope that you will seriously consider giving your vote to Hardwick - you won't be sorry.

Mrs. Genevieve Durham

Myrtle Beach