Letters to the Editor

No time to short students

As retired educators, we cherish the memories of our lives as teachers. We guided our young people, instilled learning, civic values and formed partnerships of shared visions with their parents and their communities in order to enrich our schools and to develop educated young people to become productive and contributing members of society.

Threats to public education continue to harm classroom realities. Today's teachers in Horry County are experiencing threats of job losses and support programs key to student success.

Despite the likelihood of a $17 million deficit, without any future federal stimulus dollars to offset the losses of education funding, the Horry County Board of Education voted to reduce the tax on homes from 20 mills to 14 mills.

We recognize that the tax rollback was part of a deal to help facilitate the passage of the penny sales tax for education. But in light of the current crisis in education funding, we feel that fulfilling this "commitment" should have been delayed.

The board's decision slashes critical funding for our county's children. We salute board members Harvey Eisner and Mary Ellen Greene for their votes in support of funding education.

We call on Horry County voters to educate themselves about Act 388 and the other funding issues that are impacting education. Voter participation in Tuesday's primaries and in the November general elections are opportunities to support education for our county's children.

We call on our legislative delegation to act immediately in support of education and demonstrate accountability and responsibility to our communities.

It is our hope that the budget to be finalized in June will reflect an investment in Horry County children and their future.

The writer, president of the Horry County Education Association-Retired, lives in Loris.