Letters to the Editor

Obama needs turnaround

Who elected President Obama?

I did. I voted for Obama. It was the second time in the last 16 presidential elections that I left the Republican Party to vote for a non-Republican. I felt the Republican Party had lost its way under George Bush, and I was ready for a change. I did not believe John McCain would govern much differently than President Bush.

As a candidate, Obama was appealing on many fronts. He was intelligent, a good communicator, and he spoke convincingly of the need for change, while not taking positions that indicated a radical point of view. Also, as a moderate Republican, I wanted the country to view itself from a different point of view than that of the past administration.

When the election was over, it was obvious that many independents and Republicans voted for Obama, since the traditional Democratic voter base was not large enough to allow Obama to win without substantial support from moderate independents and moderate Republicans. It was noted by many political commentators that those moderate voters caused him to win. In my mind, that fact alone would be so obvious to the new president that it would keep him from governing from too far to the left.

When I'm wrong, I am really wrong.

It is not necessary to enumerate the long list of Obama actions that have put our country in such peril. The American people have long since developed enough savvy to reach their own conclusions on such matters, thanks to modern communications. Additionally, the recent economic crisis in Greece, followed by the acknowledgment that Spain and Portugal are teetering on the same edge, makes it abundantly clear that ever-increasing spending by any government cannot take place through crushing debt, no matter how noble or desirable the programs and benefits may seem. In doing so, we endanger the economy that is the only source of income for all government activities. While every city and state is tightening its fiscal belt, Obama is expanding the federal government at a breathtaking pace. Our debt is now more than twice the size it was when Obama took office.

There is still time for this very intelligent president to change course. The question is, will he? It will take great personal courage and a realization that, in doing so, he will incur the wrath of the far left, but the thanks of a grateful nation of children, including his own.