Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

House goals

Wilkes can return government to right

I hope all voters will consider voting for Mande Wilkes for state House of Representatives. I believe Wilkes offers more than mere talking points. She is the missing link to restoring what has been lost in our state government. I am confident she can take us back to the way our government was intended to be. Not only has she set out the specific goals that will effectively improve our state, but she also has specific plans by which to meet those goals. She will stand up for conservative ideals, and she will put an end to waste and corruption. Finally there is someone who truly cares about the future and overall well-being of the constituents and strives to do something about it. As she says, "enough is enough." We must vote out incumbents who refuse to represent us. On June 8 I will be voting for Mande Wilkes, and for the sake of our state's values and economy, I hope others will, too.

Lisa Lang

Myrtle Beach


'Squeaky wheel' gets the volunteers

Re Frank Clark letter, "Canty steadfast in service to museum," May 22, about Mary Canty and the need for volunteers for the Myrtle Beach Colored Museum, and the lack of support from "her own" community.

I have lived in the community for several years. I volunteer in other communities in Myrtle Beach, and I am a member of a church in the community. I have never read of, nor heard of, the need for volunteers for the museum.

I commend Mrs. Canty on her volunteerism, but the wheel that squeaks is the wheel that gets the oil.

Laura Mitchell

Myrtle Beach


Illegal immigration result of greed

Re Todd Reynolds letter, "Head off illegal immigration," May 24:

Amen. Low wages, crowded living arrangements, etc., describe what can be called modern-day slavery. Illegal immigration is wrong on many counts, all based on greed, including those given by Reynolds.

Virginia Gillhouse

North Myrtle Beach

Horry County

Schwartzkopf serves District 8 well

We, the undersigned, feel fortunate in having Carl Schwartzkopf as our representative for District 8 on County Council. Many problems that arise in our area have been corrected with his help. Please vote for him June 8. He puts people before politics.

George and June Parness

Debbie and Andy Habony

Tony and Betty Giorno

Myrtle Beach

County Council

Hardworking Price good for Horry

We have in Paul Price an opportunity to fill a void and create the beginnings of a needed system of checks and balances to our Horry County Council.

Paul is accustomed to hard work. He has spent most of his adult life protecting and serving the public. He understands what it takes to focus on the job at hand and complete assigned tasks as evidenced by his having retired from both the military and our very own S.C. Highway Patrol.

His interests are simple enough: to serve the public as he always has. He's good at it. Paul is level-headed and can proudly look anyone in the eye. Paul will give it his all and will only serve two terms.

Voting in Paul Price to our County Council makes good sense.

J.W. Strange

Surfside Beach

House member

Viers doesn't ignore violence problem

Re John Wierszewski letter, "Viers has lost this household's vote," May 23:

I presume the letter writer conveniently forgot to mention that when Rep. Thad Viers received the "Man of the Year" award from the South Strand Republican Club with a stipend of $250, Viers donated the donation to the Women's Crisis and Rape Center. Viers does care about the issues of violence; to indicate otherwise is not true. Secondly, to support a fellow Republican conservative running for re-election in Myrtle Beach is commendable. To take this support and somehow turn it around to be specious is tantamount to an insult. The councilman indicated in the letter is one of Myrtle Beach's sterling and superlative council members, who was overwhelmingly re-elected. Last, there is not a more honest and respectable legislator in Columbia than Viers.

My family will be voting for Thad Viers, and I hope those of you who want to continue with a pillar for conservative values would vote for Republican/conservative Thad Viers in House District 68.

John E. Bonsignor

Myrtle Beach