Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Puppy mills

Think about parents before buying puppy

Re May 25 article, "USDA fails to crack down on puppy mills."

I completely agree, knowing the animals live their short lives in horrible conditions; standing and lying in wire cages caked in feces and urine, never touching grass, frequently sick or injured without veterinary care. They are killed when they can no longer breed. However, as long as there is a market for their offspring it will continue. Before you ask, "How much is that adorable puppy" at the pet shop, think about the parents. The price is higher than anyone should be willing to pay. A shelter puppy will love you as much and be as wonderful, I promise. I have several.

Dawn Risner

Myrtle Beach

District 106

Hardwick is devoted to quality of life

I have watched Nelson Hardwick and his involvement in the south Strand area for a number of years, first as a businessman and more recently as a legislator. He was interested in improving the quality of life for residents of our community long before he took political office. His commitment to the area has only gotten stronger during his six years in the General Assembly. I urge all voters in House District 106 to join me in voting for Nelson Hardwick in the June 8 Republican primary so we will continue to have strong representation in state government.

Liston Wells

Burgess community


Re-elect advocate Thad Viers

With the federal government neglecting to do its job, states like Arizona and South Carolina are now forced to implement the federal immigration laws. Arizona passed a law that simply enforces the existing laws on the books and South Carolina is following suit.

Re-electing Thad Viers will provide a reliable and conservative voice on the subject. In 2008, he wrote legislation to crack down on illegal immigration and those who hire them. This year, he is the original co-sponsor of the Arizona-style legislation introduced in South Carolina.

No one has a problem with legal immigration, but the rule of law must be upheld for our system to continue to operate effectively. We must re-elect Thad Viers to the House to ensure there continues to be an active advocate in finding ways to enforce the law.

Brad Daniels



NMB public safety's service appreciated

Just a little note to let the public know that the North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department does go beyond the line of duty for us, the public. I recently lost a motorcycle rider brother of mine and we (a list of bikers) had a memorial ride in memory of him. We asked in person and on paper for some assistance in traffic due to the fact that there were so many of us. With no harassment, questions or grief, our wonderful commander and police department showed us so much support it put tears in my eyes. So, again, thank you for your support and assistance at a time when we could really use it. It was a wonderful gift.

Johnny "Angel" Wampler

North Myrtle Beach

Noise ordinance

Concerts much louder than bikers

I have to wonder just how lucky the city of Myrtle Beach is to have such stupid leaders in charge. They pass a noise ordinance law to get rid of the bikers who are willing to pay millions of dollars into our economy and then they say it is OK to have outdoor concerts that I am sure have decibel counts higher than a motorcycle, and those people attending those concerts will not be spending millions of dollars in the city. So thanks, you stupid city leaders, for making such ridiculous laws.

Steve Hinish

Myrtle Beach


Howard Barnard is right man for job

If you are looking for a chairman who knows how to listen to people's concerns;

if you are looking for a chairman who has compassion and concern for people who need help;

if you are looking for a chairman who knows how to get things done;

if you are looking for a chairman who has the leadership abilities to unite others to work together for a better Horry County;

then Howard Barnard is the man to vote for June 8.

Mildred Ducker

Surfside Beach