Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

County council

McKown has valuable business experience

I urge my fellow South Strand residents to vote for Bill McKown for District 5 County Council. I have had the pleasure of meeting McKown a few times. He is a smart businessman who knows what it is like to write on the front and back of a check. As a former business owner myself, there is a certain mentality that we share when approaching budget and fiscal issues. He knows that government should be run more like a business. By electing McKown, Horry County will bring a person with an understanding of operating within a budget and not just raising taxes to balance the budget. We don't need another career politician in this seat. We need a fiscal conservative with real-life experience to do the job.

Please vote for McKown on June 8. You won't be disappointed.

Robin Cholowski

Murrells Inlet

Horry chairman

Elect Rice for needed fresh leadership

Horry County needs new leadership that is not part of the old political establishment. Tom Rice, candidate for Horry County chairman, has the integrity and leadership skills to develop consensus, bringing civility and professionalism to council chambers. The voters deserve more government transparency, ending the closed-door meetings on important matters such as economic growth. Horry County ranks last of 334 large counties in the nation for average weekly wages. This is not a record to be proud of. Horry County will continue to rank last without a new approach to diversifying the local economy. Rice will bring a fresh approach to county government with his calm, soft-spoken demeanor and nonconfrontational debating skills. The bickering that occurs in council chambers is counterproductive and costs the taxpayers money.

Joe Zoltak

Surfside Beach

Arizona law

Lawbreakers should be subject to ID inquiry

Arizona got it right. Their law says that in the course of law enforcement doing their jobs they can ask for ID if they suspect someone is an illegal alien. If someone is stopped for speeding, or caught shoplifting, or the police are called for a domestic violence incident; if during the course of their investigation the police develop reason to believe the suspect is in the country illegally, they can ask for ID. The Federal 287g training that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement provides has a similar provision.

Sane people understand that this is not racial profiling, but rather a good way to identify and deport the illegal aliens who are costing this country millions of dollars to support. I'm convinced Congress will never get illegal immigration right. For lack of any other way, every state should embrace Arizona's law to protect themselves against lawbreakers.

Michael D. Comer

Myrtle Beach


Arizona takes power where feds fall behind

I have a niece who will be attending George Mason University in the fall. While taking a tour of the campus our guide mentioned to us that although George Mason was one of the founding fathers, he would not sign the Declaration of Independence. The reason being it would take away too many rights from the states.

Now in 2010 the state of Arizona is simply asking the federal government to apply the law according to the Constitution, or we will do it ourselves. I say it's about time.

John Thomas Jr.

Myrtle Beach