Letters to the Editor

Selective help for animals baffling

Re Bernice McClintock letter, "People gave hearts, help to Hobo," May 13:

It was with a great deal of sadness I read about the poor dog Hobo and the valiant efforts on so many people to rescue him. It was equally distressing to read of the lack of assistance provided by various agencies you would think would provide help. What an effort to have to put up a trap for that dog. Unfortunately I have had the same experience in trying to find assistance in trapping a young kitten that took up residence on my property. I called various "rescue" groups as well as local humane societies in the area. I was willing to pay the cost of the testing and, if not sick, also pay to spay/neuter this poor little creature. All to no avail.

As a former resident in New Jersey I was actively involved in trapping and neutering cats. Many people who were involved in this effort worked with several local vets who provided discounted neutering and spaying. The cats were also tested and some unfortunately had to be euthanized. They also had their ears notched so volunteers knew to release them if they were again trapped. There were a number of foster homes, including mine, where we took in very young kittens to foster and ultimately find homes for them.

I do not know what the problem is in this area but something is seriously wrong. The only time I hear from a rescue group is when they want my money.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.