Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Republican attack on Spratt wrong

Re "Republicans suggest Spratt losing his memory," May 18 article, with the National Republican Congressional Committee ridiculing John Spratt and calling him "amnesiac Spratt":

I am so angry about this. These NRCC people have no conscience. This reminds me of the attacks on Michael J. Fox and that man with Parkinson's (a supporter of health care reform) who was sitting on the ground at a tea party rally. Who can remember every provision of the health care bill, "Obamacare," as they call it? This, they cite as evidence that he is losing his memory. Democrats and all fair-minded South Carolinians must stand up and fight back against this kind of dirty politics.

Spratt, if he did have significant impairment of memory - which I doubt - would be trusted more by me than any of these mean-spirited and narrow-minded extreme right-wingers.

Patrick Frank



Mexican leader hypocritical on law

Mexican President Felipe Calderon needs to clean up his own backyard before saying anything about ours. President Obama used a foreign president to do his dirty work in slinging more mud at Arizona. Not only is this deplorable conduct by our president, it also ignores the fact that Mexico's immigration laws are far more strict than anything on our books. Mexican immigration laws require jail time for people entering Mexico illegally. So why is it that Calderon thinks his people should be able to illegally cross our borders freely? Maybe if he were to fix his country instead of encouraging illegal immigration to America, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Further, the Arizona law only gives law enforcement in Arizona the ability to enforce federal laws that are already on the books but go unenforced by federal officials.

In the end, it is hypocritical for Calderon to criticize the Arizona law when his own are far worse. As for Obama, he should be ashamed for using a foreign president as his puppet. I am beginning to think those who are calling for his impeachment on grounds of treason are not as crazy as I once thought.

Michael Young



Make Mexico a place people want to stay

Folks, America does not have an immigration problem. Mexico is the problem. Has anyone in either party thought of solving this problem where it exists? If we ever needed to exercise "country building," we should in favor of these poor and desperate neighbors to our south.

Our history includes a number of instances of becoming a "protectorate" of several countries in dire need. To allow the Mexican problem to linger as is, is inhumane, and it should be a priority preceding any other of our nation's interest. The solution is to help Mexico help its people to such an extent that those here illegally would choose to be back among their family, friends and traditions and those so desperate to come will stay to help build their country's future.

A protectorate for Mexico's poor and needy is the solution to their problems. And ours.

Sam Shanely

North Myrtle Beach

District 106

Honest Hardwick keeps resident's vote

Elections come and go; when they're over, the public gets whomever they have elected, either a good or bad candidate. Many times a candidate promises many worthwhile goodies during a campaign. After the election these promises vanish into thin air as what is campaigned on is forgotten. However this cannot be said of Rep. Nelson Hardwick, House member for District 106. Hardwick is a man of his word. He campaigns on issues important to his district. He will not make promises he cannot keep, nor will Hardwick say one thing while campaigning and then vote against these same issues when elected. Hardwick is conscientious, incorruptible, trustworthy and of good judgment; these attributes are his badge of honor. Hardwick is an outstanding representative of and for the people. On June 8, vote Hardwick.

Paula Farley

Myrtle Beach

Wrong element

Boardwalk needs police presence

Residents of the city of Myrtle Beach and city officials should be proud of the new oceanfront boardwalk. It is a beautiful project that promises to make the area, once again, a gathering place for locals and tourists.

Unfortunately, I already have concerns over the boardwalk becoming a gathering spot for less upstanding citizens. One early morning, a group of friends, mostly women, and I rode our bikes to the boardwalk and planned to walk to the beach to exercise. Immediately, we were harassed by a man who decided he would join our group. Soon we came upon two other men who appeared to have spent the night there. We quickly realized the beautiful new boardwalk wasn't a suitable place for us to work out early in the morning.

I hope the city didn't invest more than $6 million in this boardwalk only to have it become a spot for drug dealers to conduct business. Please make sure there is enough police protection so people don't stay away from the boardwalk because they don't want to put up with the homeless and the crackheads.

Betty Osborne

Myrtle Beach