Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

No deficit spending

Cleary looks out for taxpayers' interests

I'm appalled that the local Democrats want the Georgetown County school district operated like Congress or the state of California - by borrowing money to pay day-to-day costs.

One only needs to look at the spending mess in Washington, D.C., or California to know that we don't need that kind of deficit spending in Georgetown County. It's a horrible idea.

I'm proud of Republican Sen. Ray Cleary for standing up to tax-and-spend liberal Democrat Reps. Vida Miller and Carl Anderson, who sponsored the school district deficit spending legislation.

People are just tired of politicians like Miller and Anderson, who are fully supportive of running up huge deficits with our money. This is the kind of thinking that has energized conservative and independent voters to hold rallies against the free-spending ways of Congress and the Obama administration.

Ray Cleary gets it. He understands that taxpayer money must be spent wisely and that deficit spending must be stopped.

Thank you, Sen. Cleary, for casting a vote for sound fiscal policy.

Vikky Ferris



Boardwalk story, art 'fantastic'

The May 16 Coasting with cover story and photographs by Janet Blackmon Morgan, "On the Boardwalk," was fantastic.

What a great way to start the day with coffee and those photographs. She certainly has an eye for definition and depth. You are lucky to have her talent, and we are fortunate to be able to view her work. Let's have more of that.

Pat Callahan

Myrtle Beach

Thank you

'Angels' looked out for son's safety

The dreaded "Are you the parents of ..." phone call:

We would like to thank the angels who assisted our son on March 25. Our son was riding his mo-ped north on U.S. 17 Bypass when he was struck by a car. It was brought to our attention that two drivers actually placed themselves at risk by placing their vehicles sideways on the highway to prevent our son from being run over by oncoming traffic. We are told that dozens of citizens attended to him with kindness, love, compassion and safety until the other angels - police, ambulance, firefighters, Waccamaw Hospital Trauma and life flight team - took over his care. It is comforting to know there are more good people than bad in our community.

Also a note to all, not only did God and the angels save Matthew but also his helmet, which is now cracked and shattered.

With great gratitude and love.

Marvin & Kathy O'Dell

Murrells Inlet