Letters to the Editor

Health care plan built on lies

Re Bob Sandow letter, "Reform passed: What now, GOP?" May 21

Evidently, Sandow does not understand much about the Obama socialized medicine health care plan. Allow me to clear things up for him:

First of all, bad things do not happen when bills are passed; they happen after bills have been implemented. The first bad thing that will happen is that taxpayers will be paying additional taxes until 2014 without receiving any benefits. President Obama's idea of a sound economic plan is to use 10 years of payments to fund six years of benefits. The next time you go to purchase a car, Mr. Sandow, if the dealer asks you to make four years of payments before you pick up your car, how would you respond? Since you think this is a good idea for health care, it should work for your car as well. I'll bet the car dealer will be happy to do it for you and will pray that he gets more customers like you.

Next, keep in mind that Medicare, Social Security, and every other government program is going broke because all of them cost at least three times as much as our politicians predicted before the bills were passed.

Obama says his health care plan will cover everyone, but not illegal aliens. Under Obama's plan, there will be no illegal aliens, because he will grant them all amnesty before 2014.

Obama promised that there would be no back room deals, no partisan power plays, and no secrecy involved in the health care debate. He said negotiations would be broadcast on C-SPAN. All of his promises were lies, and all the pain that will be caused by his health care plan will happen in 2014. Why would we believe him now? The bill would not have been passed if Democratic congressmen were not eager and willing to accept bribes in return for their votes. They will pay the price and be voted out, but the damage they have done will last for decades.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach