Letters to the Editor

'Hero rescuer' saved swimmer's life

I would like to share a very scary experience from a few weeks ago. I had been doing water aerobics in a local pool when I found myself alone. Everyone else had finished and left. Suddenly after completing my exercise, I could not get my legs to move while in 5 feet of water. I then sank to the bottom, feeling completely helpless. My neurologist later explained that this freezing of the legs was a result of my existing Parkinson's disease. Most frightening of all was knowing that I was alone with no possible rescue in sight. Then, out of nowhere an arm appeared over the side of the pool. A man then yelled, "Billy, grab my arm." That man happened to walk by the pool area from the weight room and instantly saw me go under. He then ran to the pool and with the help of the manager Peg Lamberson pulled me to safety.

There are skeptics who may scoff at this but I firmly believe this man's arm was the arm of my guardian angel. This happened two days prior to my 83rd birthday. I could only say that it was not my time and the Lord has other plans for me.

By the way, my hero rescuer's name is Ed Johnson, a retired New York police captain who now resides in Carolina Shores and presently assists as an usher at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church. He is also a very good friend for many years. Thank you, Ed and Peg, I shall never forget you. You saved my life.

The writer lives in Calabash, N.C.